eBay SEO

10 eBay SEO Secrets: How to Rank First in eBay’s Cassini Algorithm

  These are our top tips on ranking first with eBay SEO designed to please the Cassini algorithm. But first, a bit of interesting trivia: What do a 17th-century astronomer and eCommerce have in common? More than you’d think. Today, eBay sellers are often mystified by Cassini, the sophisticated algorithm that ranks listings and search results on the platform. In 1675, Giovanni Cassini, the algorithm’s namesake, discovered gaps between Saturn’s rings. He was able to […]

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diversify hiring with freelancers

Why You Need to Diversify Hiring and How to Keep it Feasible

  The best reason to diversify hiring is to gain access to a wider knowledge pool. In today’s world where so many changes are taking place rapidly, it is important to keep up with the times. But, how do you keep up with the times when things are changing before you even know they exist? You may not know, but someone else does, and they can shed some light on certain innovation and new technology. […]

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profitable product listing

How to Build a Profitable Product Listing on Shopify with FreeeUp

  As an e-commerce entrepreneur, your goal is not just to find interesting, high-quality products that customers buy over and over again. One of the biggest challenges in running a Shopify store is how to build a profitable product listing. Coming up with a guaranteed collection of inventory that continues to sell gives you a chance to explore and focus on other streams of revenue for your business. Without the right expertise and focus, even […]

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business growth

Business Growth Stalls When You Get This Wrong

  For most, business growth is obviously a positive thing. A business owner can do more in their business, they are confident it will succeed, and they will be able to pay themselves an increasing amount or possibly sell the business for a greater profit. But business growth can stall for many reasons. This article covers the really important one that most business owners don’t know about. To make it easier to follow, I’m going […]

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collaboration tools

15 Collaboration Tools to Boost Productivity

  Collaboration tools are vital to productivity. If freelance hires find themselves having to check multiple apps, emails, and other tools to get stuff done, you’re probably frustrated — and you’re not alone. Thankfully, there is nearly an endless list of collaboration tools that can help reduce distractions, keep projects in one place, and allow real-time communication. If freelance hires struggle to keep track of work or communicate clearly among themselves, a collaboration tool can […]

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customer service virtual assistant

Hire a Customer Service Virtual Assistant to Handle Your Customers

  If you are a business owner running a successful eCommerce business and have yet to hire a customer service virtual assistant, you’re probably spending much of your time dealing with customer service issues. When your business is getting 50 or more orders per day, you’re likely getting double the inquiries too, correct? These inquiries may include questions about products, concerns about orders or feedback on a variety of issues. When you’re spending most of […]

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outsource web development

Should You Outsource Web Development? 9 Factors to Consider

  We think you should definitely outsource web development. And it’s not because we’re a freelance marketplace. (You could say that the opposite is true, in fact — FreeeUp was built because outsourcing is awesome, whether web development or other work.) That said, you should outsource web development because it gives you and your business at least a dozen benefits that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise. Here are our favorites: 1.  Time Are […]

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Communication Principles

Five Communication Principles for Business Success

  Why You Need These Communication Principles There’s one place where most problems in any business come from – challenges in communication. Communication principles are vital because communication is: by far the biggest issue in small businesses the source of most arguments in relationships the root cause of most problems in general between human beings Communication is key. It affects everything in your business. Once you master how to communicate effectively and clearly, you will […]

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selling on Amazon

7 Steps to Get Started Selling on Amazon

  Selling on Amazon is one of the easiest ways to dip your toes into the world of e-commerce. Whether you want to earn a little passive income or you want to become a full-fledged online retailer, Amazon can open a world of opportunities for you that may not be present if you sell on your own online store. But to have a successful business on Amazon, you need to lay down the proper groundwork. […]

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