starting and growing an eCommerce business

The How of Business Podcast: Nathan Hirsch Interview – Starting and Growing an eCommerce Business

  FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch talks about starting and growing an eCommerce business on The How of Business podcast with David Begin and Henry Lopez. This 82nd episode is an interview with Nathan Hirsch the serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Nathan shares his experience as an entrepreneur starting and growing an eCommerce business from starting his first business in college up to his current enterprise, FreeeUp. About Nathan Nate is the CEO of, a unique remote hiring marketplace, and […]

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va interview

Hire Smart VAs: 10 Questions You Must Ask in Every VA Interview

  Wade Harman guested on the Hire Smart VAs blog with a post on VA interview questions that can make all the difference in your hiring choices. The article gives us 10 VA Interview questions that every business owner must ask to vet workers and test for the right fit. When a business starts growing, your responsibilities within it with grow as well. You can either choose to spend all your time trying to keep […]

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Easier Hiring

Financial Survival Network Podcast: Nathan Hirsch on Easier Hiring

  FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch talks about easier hiring on the Financial Survival Network podcast with Kerry Lutz. This episode of the Financial Survival Network podcast discusses easier hiring to grow your business in a less painful way. Join Kerry and Nathan as they talk about Nathan’s expertise in hiring and what business owners can do to best grow their businesses. Hiring is one of the most difficult aspects of running and building a business. Nathan has become a […]

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Outsource Workers

Silent Sales Machine Radio: Free Up Time Hiring Outsource Workers

  Join FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch as he discusses hiring outsource workers to free up time with Jim Cockrum on Silent Sales Machine Radio. On this episode of the Silent Sales Machine Radio podcast, Jim is joined by FreeeUp Founder, Nathan Hirsch. Jim and Nathan talk about and how this unique platform provides reliable eCommerce workers to hundreds of businesses around the world. Nathan shares some of his secrets on how you can free up your time and […]

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elt limited

InTheirShoes Interview: I Felt Limited – Nathan Hirsch

  FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch was interviewed about how he felt limited in the corporate world and wanted to break free and make his own future. The article published on InTheirShoes at It tells the story of how Nathan turned it around when he felt limited. He is now an entrepreneur with multi-million dollar businesses Portlight and FreeeUp. Nate launched the FreeeUp remote hiring platform in 2015 after he spent over three years in the vicious […]

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Gig Economy

Brand Storytelling Podcast: How the Gig Economy is Developing in 2017

  FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch talks about how the gig economy is developing this year on the Brand Storytelling podcast with Rakhal Ebeli. On this episode of the Brand Storytelling podcast, Rakhal is joined by FreeeUp Founder, Nathan Hirsch. Rakhal and Nathan talk about the emergence and development of the gig economy and how brands like Nathan’s are helping freelancers to find work. FreeeUp is a remote work solution for brands searching for reliable workers in the eCommerce industry. The […]

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eCommerce freelancers for Amazon

Skubana: 10 eCommerce Freelancers You Need for Your Amazon Business

  Emily Bell wrote a guest post about the 10 eCommerce freelancers you need for your Amazon business on the Skubana blog. These eCommerce freelancers will help you sell successfully on Amazon without spending 24 hours every day glued to your store. Selling successfully on Amazon is a time-consuming endeavor, no two ways about it. An Amazon store owner like you can’t just throw up a few products and hope they sell. If you really want to grow […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts

FreeeUp How To: Hacks, Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys from Jon Liauw

FreeeUp How To: Hacks, Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys from Jon Liauw Here’s another cool how to video from FreeeUp! These tips are brought to you by Jon Liauw. Jon previously worked under FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch for over 5 years for his Amazon store, Portlight, and still works as a contractor with FreeeUp today. In this video, Jon presents a range of hacks, keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys that you can use. These tips will help […]

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team more productive

Convince and Convert: 5 Ways to Make Workers More Productive in 2017

  Wade Harman wrote a guest post about 5 ways to make workers more productive in 2017 on the Convince and Convert blog early this year. These tips to make workers more productive are really not just for 2017. They are great to apply at any point in your hiring journey.   If you work with a group of people in your business, it’s nice to have support from those around you. As an owner or a worker, […]

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