Legendary Millennial Entrepreneurs

Legends & Losers Podcast: Legendary Millennial Entrepreneurs

FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan guested on Legendary Millennial Entrepreneurs, an epoisode of the Legends & Losers podcast with Christopher Lochhead and Colin Vincent. Join Chris, Colin, Connor, and two other millennial entrepreneurs, Hector Santiesteban and Mani Vaya, as they talk about the problems of entrepreneurship in this millennium. Chris invited these three pioneering entrepreneur guests to discuss how the millennial generation looks like the least entrepreneurial in history. It’s a lively discussion that brings up quite a few issues and quite a […]

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Hiring With Nathan Hirsch

Eventual Millionaire Podcast: Master The Game Of Hiring With Nathan Hirsch

Master The Game Of Hiring With Nathan Hirsch is one of the more popular podcast episodes that FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch has been on. This Eventual Millionaire episode with Jaime Masters about hiring with Nathan Hirsch is such a great conversation about running an eCommerce business and hiring remote workers. We wanted to share the full transcription with you so that you can browse through the key points in a more leisurely fashion. Jaime: Welcome to Eventual Millionaire, I […]

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Essential Habits

Quarter Life Comeback Podcast: Essential Habits for Young Entrepreneurs

FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch was a guest on another podcast this past week, The Quarter Life Comeback Podcast with Bryan Teare.   Bryan was excited to talk to Nathan about the essential habits that he developed along his entrepreneurial journey and how his 7-year marathon has led him to become a leading expert in eCommerce, managing multi-million dollar businesses, and online hiring. Nathan got his start in 2009 when he started selling textbooks out of his college dorm room. He […]

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Clear Directory

Tonya Dawn Recla from Clear Directory Explains How FreeeUp Has Helped Her Business

Tonya Dawn Recla, owner of Clear Directory and Super Power Experts, says FreeeUp changed her life.   Tonya Dawn Recla is the co-founder of Clear Directory and the executive director of Super Power Experts. In this testimonial video, she dives into how she found FreeeUp and what impressed her enough to try it out. After hiring a worker for the first time, she was hooked and has been using FreeeUp ever since to grow her business. […]

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Escape 9 to 5 Podcast Nathan Hirsch

Escape 9 to 5 Podcast: Remote Hiring Secrets for Over $20 Million In Sales

  Our CEO Nathan Hirsch shares his remote hiring secrets on another podcast this past week, Escape 9 to 5 withAli Salman. In this episode, Nathan tells Ali about the remote hiring secrets that he has learned as he has been hiring over the past 7 years. Nathan is a serial entrepreneur, and also an expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He has over 7 years of experience selling online, and has sold well over 20 million dollars worth of […]

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online workers

The Stuph File Program #0409 with Dee Wallace; Randy Ray; Nathan Hirsch

FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch was a guest on another podcast this past week, The Stuph File Program with Peter Anthony Holder, talking about how to hire online workers. Peter and Nathan talk about how Nathan got into eCommerce at the perfect time as a novice seller on Amazon. They also discuss how Nathan built himself up as an entrepreneur and built up his Amazon store Portlight into a million dollar winner with the help of online workers. Nathan has been […]

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Hire More Talented People

Success Hackers Podcast: Use FreeeUp to Hire More Talented People – Nathan Hirsch

FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch guested on another podcast this past week, the Success Hackers podcast with Scott Hansen, to talk about How to Hire More Talented People.   Scott and Nathan talk about how FreeeUp got started in 2015 after Nathan and his business partner Connor Gillivan spent 6 years making bad hires for Portlight. Portlight is their million-dollar Amazon store that they launched out of their dorm rooms while still in college. Nathan spent a lot of his time posting […]

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Hire Digital Marketing Experts

Scott King Podcast: How to Hire Digital Marketing Experts – Connor Gillivan

FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan was a guest on The Scott King Show this past week on How to Hire Digital Marketing Experts. Scott and Connor discuss the ins and outs of running marketing for FreeeUp in this episode. They go through the different tools and processes that Connor has been using to build the business, recruit contractors, and connect with businesses that are looking to hire freelance marketers. Connor describes his beginnings and how he became a serial entrepreneur […]

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College Amazon Business

Angel Industry Podcast: Growing a College Amazon Business into a Successful Enterprise

FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan was a guest on another awesome podcast this past week, the Angel Industry business podcast with Ian Farrar. Ian talks about how Connor is a 27 years old and already a serial entrepreneur, and also an expert in eCommerce and online hiring. Connor developed his expertise as the co-founder of his first eCommerce company on Amazon, called Portlight. He built this college Amazon business out of his dorm room back in 2009 […]

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