Scaling Your Team

eCommerce Evolution Podcast: Scaling Amazon Sales and Workforce

FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch was on another great podcast recently, eCommerce Evolution with Brett Curry.  In this episode of eCommerce Evolution, Nathan talks about scaling Amazon sales and workers. Brett draws out Nathan’s unique perspective on both Amazon and on building groups of eCommerce workers as they talk about FreeeUp and Portlight, Nathan’s million-dollar Amazon business. Portlight is a very successful drop shipping business that was founded in 2009. Nathan has since scaled it into what is now a multi-million dollar […]

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Gaining More Time with Outsourcing

Orchestrating Success Podcast: Gaining More Time with Outsourcing

Our CEO Nathan Hirsch was on another awesome podcast this past week, Orchestrating Success with Hugh Ballou.  Like Nathan, Hugh holds a faculty position at CEO Space. CEO Space is a network that connects entrepreneurs with resources for business growth.  In this 59th episode of the Orchestrating Success Podcast, Nathan shares some secrets that he has learned through his years of experience with hiring remote workers. Nathan talks about about how to outsource certain tasks to gain more and better control of […]

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Amazon PPC Campaign Manager

BQool: Amazon PPC Campaign Manager setup guide

An article on setting up the Amazon PPC Campaign Manager by our very own Emily Bell was published on the BQool blog this past week. BQool is an SaaS company based in Taiwan. BQool was created to provide Amazon sellers with access to better software solutions to help them deal with daily business challenges. As part of this effort, BQool engineers also reach out to seasoned Amazon sellers, e-commerce business owners and other experts to share knowledge and information to improve […]

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Hiring Remote Freelancers

Heartrepreneur Radio: Hiring Remote Freelancers with Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch, FreeeUp’s CEO, was on another radio show this week, Heartrepreneur Radio with Terri Levine. This episode of Heartrepreneur Radio is about hiring remote freelancers to help you in your business. Developing Expertise in Hiring Remote Freelancers Terri talks about Nathan’s expertise as a serial entrepreneur and in hiring remote freelancers. The big question in this episode is how business owners can have people help them remotely. Terri gets a lot of questions from frustrated business owners about how they […]

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Nathan Hirsch, FreeeUp CEO

Success Profiles Radio: Nathan Hirsch, FreeeUp CEO

FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch was on another radio show this week, Success Profiles Radio with Brian K Wright. Nathan talks about FreeeUp online hiring as the hands-on hiring marketplace that connects hundreds of online business owners with pre-vetted and reliable remote workers. With a solid eCommerce background having sold more than $20 million worth of product online over the past 7+ years, he shares some great advice for selling on Amazon and hiring through FreeeUp. As FreeeUp CEO, Nathan […]

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John Lagoudakis Podcast Interview with Nathan Hirsch Founder of

John Lagoudakis Podcast: Interview with Nathan Hirsch – Founder of

FreeeUp’s CEO Nathan Hirsch was just on the John Lagoudakis Podcast yesterday, talking about the founding of FreeeUp, how the unique system works, and sharing his tips for remote hiring.  John and Nathan delve into Nathan’s start in eCommerce on Amazon and how he has worked over the past 7 years building Portlight and FreeeUp. Nathan is a serial entrepreneur who also boasts expertise in giving tips for remote hiring. As the co-founder and COO of Portlight, Nathan developed […]

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Teleploy working from home

Teleploy: All About Freelancing- Meet FreeeUp

A guest article about FreeeUp and working from home just published on the Teleploy blog. Teleploy is a team of freelancing advocates that promotes working from home. They work to make freelancing easy, efficient and economical. This goes for businesses as well as workers. An increasing number of businesses are looking for ways to scale down without sacrificing quality. Many professionals seek the freedom of remote work without sacrificing security. There are a lot of companies opening up avenues […]

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earn money with FreeeUp

Web Employed: How to Earn Money as a Freelancer by Joining FreeeUp

A FreeeUp guide by our very own Julia Valdez was published on Web Employed, a blog dedicated reviewing the best online sources for freelancers to earn money from home. The blog focuses on providing such information to help people from under-developed countries. Many there are trying to earn money to support their families and homes in situations where there is a lack of work and resources. They are educated and skilled yet cannot find good work. FreeeUp is presented in […]

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Remote Hiring Key to Success

Discover Your Talent Podcast: Remote Hiring Key to Success – Nathan Hirsch

Our CEO Nathan Hirsch was just on the Discover Your Talent Podcast yesterday, talking about his remote hiring key to success.  Nathan talks about how he and his business partner, Connor, left their growing business in college for just a weekend to take a needed vacation from cracking the books really hard and processing a ton of orders on their online store. On the first day, they faced two major issues – a vendor drop-out and […]

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