Outsourcing Platforms

The Top 4 Outsourcing Platforms With Vetted Freelancers in 2018

  One of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of hiring remote freelancers is digging through profiles and applications to find the right candidate. We’ve heard (and experienced) horror stories of trying to hire through large, free-for-all outsourcing platforms, which is why we recommend using a network with pre-vetted freelancers. By using outsourcing platforms with […]

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freelancing impacts economy

How Freelancing Is Impacting the Philippine Economy

  Freelance is the way of the future for human resources. The emergence of online freelancing in the Philippines has given professionals more freedom and opportunities to make a living from the other side of the world. Filipino entrepreneurs recognize how freelancing impacts the economy. There has been an evident shift in how professionals work […]

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FreeeUp makes life easier

5 Ways FreeeUp Makes Life Easier for Business Owners

  Like every other digital freelance platform, FreeeUp makes life easier for everyone. It is a perfect venue for freelancers and business owners to connect directly. Given the fast-growing economy of digital freelance, these kind of websites provide speed, expertise, quality, and flexibility to scale up an organization’s workforce. As such, a lot of companies […]

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