eCommerce Conversion

4 Ideas to Improve Your eCommerce Conversion

Maxed Website Traffic, but Minimal eCommerce Conversion Most online businesses focus on increasing traffic to their webpages. They succeed in drawing a good amount of traffic, but surprisingly, very few convert. This is in large part because they don’t spend a substantial amount of money converting that traffic into customers. According to statistics, approximately 35% […]

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bad ecommerce customers

5 Signs of Bad Ecommerce Customers

  Have you ever wondered how you might be able to spot a customer who was going to cause you trouble? If your answer is yes, we have a list of 5 telltale signs here, and ways to deal with them. Dealing Fairly with Bad Ecommerce Customers A successful online business is known by the […]

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solid rapport

Building Solid Rapport with Customers and Prospects

  Building solid rapport with others is essential in business. Whether you’re on the sales side or the customer side, you need to be personable. When you can connect with people on a deeper level, you can establish trust. This trust in turn impacts buying decisions and encourages repeat sales and loyal referrals. Of course, […]

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micro-target your online audience

Why and How to Micro-Target Online Audiences

  Businesses thrive because of a certain prowess they attain through experience and fortitude. When you are an entrepreneur who is looking to build your brand through certain marketing techniques, there’s one thing you need to make it work. The right audience. This is what rattles most entrepreneurs and is one of the main reasons […]

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social media profiles

The Impact of Social Media Profiles on Your Business

  Are you a fellow entrepreneur burning the candle at both ends building your business? If you are, you’re like a lot of people in the marketing industry who have grasped the reality of what their business needs to succeed. From social marketing campaigns to pinpointing an exact audience to professionally written content which extracts […]

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Interview with Jay Lagarde- How eComEngine Helps Build Better Amazon Businesses

Interview with Jay Lagarde: How eComEngine Helps Build Better Amazon Businesses

  We have had the privilege this week of speaking with eComEngine Founder and President Jay Lagarde to get his insights on the applications of certain technologies to Amazon eCommerce. Below is the summary of our conversation about his background and role at eComEngine, how their tech solutions provide valuable support to Amazon businesses, and what makes the company […]

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