buying First Condo

Marius C – Buying First Condo after Freelancing through FreeeUp

  Freelancing is fast becoming the best alternative to a corporate career.  With the number of hours people spend on traffic and the stress a full-time job entails, more and more people are looking to freelancing as a worthy alternative. Though money can be a huge factor, it’s the freedom and the lifestyle that draws people towards the gig economy.  Where else can you find a source of income that lets you have command of […]

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Filipino Nomad

Filipino Nomad Jan B on Fulfillment with FreeeUp

  I had a great chat recently with fellow career freelancer Jan B about how she started working through FreeeUp and how it has changed her life. From working herself sick in the corporate world going in circles, she has found fulfillment building an impressive freelance business through the marketplace. It’s a truly inspiring story of how hard work pays off when you have the right people and system to support you. What did you do […]

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working through FreeeUp

How Karen N. Got a Degree and a House Working through FreeeUp

    I had the opportunity this week to speak with Karen, a freelancer working through FreeeUp. Karen is a single mother from Naga City, Camarines Sur, in the Philippines with a truly inspiring freelancing success story. She been in the freelance industry for 6 years total doing Amazon Customer service (review and feedback management, order fulfillment and refunds) and Shopify management (order fulfillment, refunds, customer service, listing images). She also works as a FreeeUp […]

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FreeeUp Marketplace

How Sam Katz Saved His Business with Freelancers on the FreeeUp Marketplace

  We had the pleasure of meeting with Sam Katz this past week to ask him about his eCommerce business journey. It was a great opportunity to learn about some of the struggles that business owners like him go through, and how the FreeeUp Marketplace has helped him save his business by introducing him to capable freelancers who took tasks off his overflowing plate. Here are some of the key points that we discussed: 1) […]

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An Interview with Julia Valdez: What Makes FreeeUp a Leading Freelancer Platform

  This past week, I spent time meeting with one of the freelancers currently working on the FreeeUp platform, Julia Valdez. With the growing popularity of the platform for experienced eCommerce and online business freelancers, I wanted to understand what she enjoyed about the network and why she preferred it over other platforms out there like Upwork,, and the many others in the industry. Below is a number of topics that we covered and […]

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freelancer in the freeeup network

Inside Perspective: What It Is Like to be a Freelancer in the FreeeUp Network

  It has been over four months now since I left my full-time job to work for myself as a freelance writer and business owner. While it hasn’t always been easy, I have fallen in love with the lifestyle. I can work from home in my pajamas (sometimes I do), I set my own working hours, and I control my own destiny by choosing who I want to work with. It didn’t take me long […]

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