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An article on setting up the Amazon PPC Campaign Manager by our very own Emily Bell was published on the BQool blog this past week.

BQool is an SaaS company based in Taiwan. BQool was created to provide Amazon sellers with access to better software solutions to help them deal with daily business challenges. As part of this effort, BQool engineers also reach out to seasoned Amazon sellers, e-commerce business owners and other experts to share knowledge and information to improve operations.  

BQool knows that Amazon success is rare, and this post is part of their informative content that strives to help Amazon sellers reach their full potential. Amazon PPC is not an easy system to navigate, especially for new sellers, and it can still cause strain for even seasoned sellers. But taking advantage of PC is so important because it can make such a huge difference.

Amazon Visibility

The idea behind a search engine is that people can use it to type in what they are looking for and then get all the results that they can then choose from. With the overwhelming competition on Amazon, however, the results can be so long that they fill tens and even hundreds of pages. Consumers today will never spend their precious time going through all of that information. They will likely single out a few nice-looking listings with a good star ratings and make their purchases.

Enter PPC Campaign Manager

If your product does not show up on the first page or even the second, you are not going to get the attention you need to make the sale. The sale is the goal, but you first need to get to where your customer can see you. This is where Amazon PPC comes in. But what if you’ve never used it before, or have tried but are not satisfied with the results?

This article is all about how you can prepare your products so that you can use the Amazon PPC Campaign Manager effectively. It goes through the steps of creating your campaign and building you ad and then monitoring it and making adjustments until it converts at maximum.

Click here to read the full article on Find out how you can leverage the PPC Campaign Manager to get to the top and pull in those sales.

4 thoughts on “BQool: Amazon PPC Campaign Manager setup guide

    1. Hey Aurelia, you should definitely give it a try – PPC is very important! If you want, you can also hire an expert to get everything set up for you the way you want it. We have Amazon experts on the marketplace who can help you out.

  1. I am a new seller. Should I immediately opt to use Amazon PPC? This post is very helpful by the way. I should probably hire an expert to lead the way!

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