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FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan was a guest on another awesome podcast this past week, the Angel Industry business podcast with Ian Farrar.

Ian talks about how Connor is a 27 years old and already a serial entrepreneur, and also an expert in eCommerce and online hiring. Connor developed his expertise as the co-founder of his first eCommerce company on Amazon, called Portlight. He built this college Amazon business out of his dorm room back in 2009 and has successfully scaled it to a sales level of over $20 million to date. While scaling Portlight, he and his co-founder encountered several HR nightmares as they began to outsource work. These experiences helped Connor become the online hiring expert that he is today.

Connor talks about how his knowledge and skills in remote hiring became the idea behind FreeeUp. He has been the CMO of FreeeUp since its launch in 2015, heading marketing operations for this online hiring marketplace. He shares how FreeeUp specializes in finding and vetting workers from all over the world with eCommerce and digital marketing skills. FreeeUp is the answer to Connor’s desire to have a better way to hire reliable remote workers without having to spend valuable time recruiting and interviewing them. They now serve over 2,000 online businesses and show no signs of stopping as FreeeUp is rapidly becoming a favorite destination to hire online.

Ian also talks with Connor about his best selling book, Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies. The book contains the secrets that he and his college Amazon business partner have learned over the 7 years that they have spent working together on Portlight and outlines how entrepreneurs can scale their business to over $1 million by applying them.



Listen to the full episode online direct here or click this link to hear it on and learn what Ian and Connor have to say about Amazon trading, Virtual Assistants, mentoring, becoming an author, and scaling up. You can also get the episode on iTunes and Stitcher.

Don’t forget to check out Connor’s blog,, where he shares his knowledge about starting eCommerce businesses, growing as an entrepreneur, and navigating the startup world.


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