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FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan was on another great podcast recently, Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum III. 

In this episode of Conscious Millionaire, Connor shares his insights and knowledge on how to build a high-growth business and coaching practice. Get this insider track on how to make your first million and make a big impact. Connor tells us about how you can create wealth by uplifting and transforming others through your business. He is a 27-year-old serial entrepreneur and bestselling author. He has built two multi-million dollar companies over the past 7 years and he has a lot of great tips to share on entrepreneurship, starting and growing a business, and outsourcing to make this happen.

Connor’s key belief that made him successful: Learn and grow from failures

Connor’s 3 Golden Nuggets:

  • Always approach business with a trial and error mindset.
  • Delegate work that’s not your expertise.
  • Have a definite end goal.

Recommended book: The 4 Agreements by Don Miquel

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The Problem Connor’s looking to solve: More opportunities for public speaking

Connor’s ideal legacy: for people to look at him as someone who helped build their business and had a positive impact.

A “Cause” to support: TheOneLoveFoundation

This was such a great episode that we’ve included here the full transcript. We hope you enjoy reading through it to get the juicy details!

JV: Welcome to Conscious Millionaire show number 812. Today, my featured guest  Connor Gillivan.

Connor: Hey, this is Connor Gillvan, author of Freeeup Your Business. In today’s show, I’ll reveal how to build an outsourced group to build your first million.


JV: Hello! This is your coach Jayvee Crum III and welcome to you from wherever you’re listening. We’re proud to be named in It Magazine as one the top 13 business shows for you to listen to in 2017 and although we have millions of listeners in  190 countries, right now you are my number one listener because you showed up, ready to step-it up, play bigger and make your first million.

Now if you’re a business owner, couch, consultant, I think you’re listening for a reason and that reason is you’re ready to become a conscious millionaire. And I’d love to be your personal guide to your first million. Check out our VIP coaching and masterminds at consciousmillionaireshow.com. And a big shout-out at our listeners and friends in long Beach California and Orlando Florida. Now you’re going to want to stay tuned because today’s guest is an expert in outsourcing. And we are going to be discussing, how to build your outsourced group. And reminder later in the show our guest will be revealing his 3 golden nuggets and has an amazing business building gift for you.

Help me welcome our featured guest. He’s a 27 year old serial entrepreneur and published author of the book Freeeup Your Business: 50 Secrets to Boot Strap Million Dollar Companies. He built 2 multi-millionaire dollar companies in the past 7 years and is currently the CMO of Freeeup. My guest today, Connor Gillivan. Connor,  welcome to the show.

Connor: Jayvee, thanks for having me. I’m excited to chat today.

JV:  Well you know I lived in Florida most of my life and you live in Orlando, home of our famous Disneyworld. I’d like to just give a shout-out to Disneyworld because when I was a wee toddler my parents took me out of school and I was one of the first 10,000 people at Disneyworld the day it opened. Back in the world of ABCD and E-coupon. I have an e-coupon to go to the Haunted Mansion. That’s my formal introduction to you Connor but how would you describe yourself in your own words?

Who is Connor Gillivan?

Connor: Yeah, absolutely. So I am very much a problem solver and entrepreneur at heart. I really love finding problems and then creating unique solutions to them. So I’m someone that’s always seeking out those problems in my areas of passion. A big thing about me is I’m always trying to do what I am passionate about and follow those passions throughout my life. And then what would like to do is create solutions and bring people around me that see that solution as a way that we can solve that problem and then really move forward. I love working with others and love working with my passions.

JV:  So give me two or three of your passions because you built 2 multi-million dollar companies at the age of 27. You got started in college and you kept rolling.

Connor’s Passion

Connor: Absolutely. So the 2 passions of mine that really just come from being an entrepreneur is E-commerce so the ability to sell products online to really anywhere around the world. And the 2nd one is outsourcing which we’ll be talking a lot about today. And the 3rd which is  more personal is running. I’m a big runner. I’m very passionate about it. It’s a great way for me to channel out my energy at the end of each day.

JV:  You’ve chosen to work in a world and build a world that works with a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs cause that who you work with. I’m curious, why did you choose that group of people to work with?

How FreeeUp Started

Connor: Sure. In terms of working with Freeeup why do we choose to work with all of these different entrepreneurs you’re saying? So, we saw, me and my business partner Nathan Hirsch, we saw an issue when we were starting Freeeup and we’re hiring a lot of people thru online hiring platforms like Upwork, and what used to be Odesk and Elance.com. And we saw this issue where we were spending a lot of time on the front-end of hiring people. We’re posting open projects. We’re going to interviews. We’re hiring people. While we were finding, we’re running into a lot of situations where we didn’t make the right hire and we had to go back to step one and go through this process again.

When we found a solution to being able to take that beginning part out of it, we want it to present to other entrepreneurs and help them to hire people more intelligently and without having to spend so much time upfront.

JV:  I really like that and that’s kind of a great way for us to start digging down into how to build an outsourced group. So first of all, this may seem a pretty unusual question like the one that’s pretty obvious but I talked to so many people and I actually have an outsourced group, just so you know. I am living in this world. But I talked to a lot of people who don’t really seem to have fundamental grasp because they haven’t done it yet of what that really means to have an outsourced or kind of virtual group. What is that mean to you in terms of a working definition that’s helpful for an entrepreneur?

What is an Outsourced Group?

Connor: Sure, so an outsourced group to me if you’re looking at it as an entrepreneur, is you have people around you and they don’t necessarily have to be working full-time. The way we like to set it up is contractors who have specific skill sets that are helpful in the certain area of your business. So for me as the CMO of Freeeup, I have close to 10 assistants who are working 2-8 hours per day on different areas of the marketing, advertising and content of the business to make sure that those areas of the business are moving forward so I can stay focused on what I do best. Having an outsourced group is really all about surrounding yourself with people who have a skill set that you don’t or are there to help you with of more repetitive or mundane tasks so that you’re not spending time on it and that’s what’s it is really all about.

JV:  Somebody is wanting to –  okay, Connor I like this, Jayvee I think it’s great. You got an outsourced group but how do I, let’ say create the structure. How do I sit down and figure out who do I need so I can make some decisions?

Connor: Sure. The way that we always encourage people who are coming to Freeeup for the first time and anyone I am speaking with, the way I like to break it down is just take about an hour, sit down and write down every single task that you’re performing as entrepreneur on a day to day basis or on a week to week basis. And then take those tasks and prioritize them. Pick out the ones that are extremely repetitive. Pick out the ones where you don’t necessarily have an expertise or you don’t enjoy doing at all and put those on top of your list. Those are going to be tasks that you want to start with creating your outsourced group. You want to find people that can take those off your plate at a budget you’re comfortable with and that can really help you free-up your time so you can spend more time on what you love doing.

JV:  We’re here with Connor Gillivan. He is an expert on outsourcing and we are going to be right back to discuss on how to build your outsourced group.


JV:  Welcome back! It’s Conscious Millionaire, I’m your coach Jayvee Crum III and we’re here with Connor Gillivan, who is an expert on outsourcing. He is the author of the new book, “Freeeup Your Business: 50 Secrets to Boot Strap Million Dollar Company. So Connor, that’s your criteria. The criteria is your task, what are your priorities, what’s repetitive but then how do you start making a decision about hiring and after hiring you’ve got to onboard. A lot of people don’t think about that onboarding process. But let’s start with how do you hire them?

How to Hire your First Outsourced Group?

Connor: There are multiple options for hiring. There are a lot of different online hiring platforms which I would suggest people to use. And if you’re going to be using a service, something like Upwork, you have the responsibility of having to create the posting. So if you identified one of the repetitive tasks within your business that you like to push off to someone that’s on your outsourced group. You’re going to first have to create a posting that describes exactly what you want that person to do. You want to give it the hours that you want them working per day, the rate you are willing to pay, the specific tasks that they’re going to be completing and also the skills and experience that you want them to have so they can complete your project at a high level. If you’re going that route, you want to create that posting, put it out there and what you start to see is, people will start to roll in, will start to apply, will start to be interested in what you’re doing and from there it’s all about the interview process which is one of the most important factors in finding and hiring the right people.

In order to be your interview process – the way I like the structure is in to 3 core things. So the first, is their experience in their skill sets. You want to speak with them. Talk with them about their past experience, their background and if they have a background that fits with what your project is. Second,  you want to talk about their attitude. A big thing that I believe in is a company culture and how people can meld well with what you’re doing. You want to talk to them a little bit about you values, put them in situations to see if they would be a good fit for who you are. And in the third, which is most important is communication. So if any outsourced group, one of the biggest ways that people can get frustrated is that you’re not feeling communicated with enough and you don’t know what your outsourced group is doing. So you want to talk to them about your expectations when it comes to communications.

JV:  In terms like there having gone through this myself, I love the fact that you hit on fit. Because I think fit is even often times more important than skills because if don’t have a good fit, if you won’t do business  the same way I’ll give you an example cause it’s probably true for a lot of your clients is a lot of days have no more than 15 minutes of contact out of 8 hours. And one person who is in the Philippines, we talk once a week. You got to have self-starters that’s part of the criteria here. But in terms of the interview process, do you have people give them any kind of a skill test that’s taking something they going to be doing and say pay them and have them do that skill to see how well do they do that? How do you evaluate that?

The FreeeUp Interview Process

Connor: We do. So at Freeeup the great thing about us it’s a little different from the other online hiring platforms, is that we put the freelancers through our internal interview process before they become available for someone like you or other people who are listening to this to hire them. And so one of the big steps like I said is all about their experience. And so depending on what skill set they are applying for, so let’s say I am great at Facebook ads or I’m great at Google ad words, we’re going to go ahead and in that 1st round, we’re going to ask them a lot of questions specific to that skill set and make sure that they have the ability to run campaigns or handle that skill set and whichever passion it is.

JV:  Got it. So they’ve gone through the interview process. Now just to wrap this up, how do you make that final decision to hire someone and then what are the steps you suggest for on-boarding which is a very important process a lot of people forget about?

Connor: 100%!  So the way to make your final decision is really holistically based of those 3 factors. Their experience and their skills, their connection to your culture and their ability to communicate. The best person that’s going to fit those 3 for you is going to be the best for your company. And then like you said in terms of actually setting them up, it’s one of the biggest steps that a lot of entrepreneurs look past and end up having a bad experience. So the set-up in setting that foundation is a huge step and you really want to break it down into 2 things that we can talk about. One is telling them about the company and telling them about their role. And in the second is again honing into those communications. So how often do you want to be communicated with, so do you want updates on a daily basis. Like you said do you do it just on a weekly basis, should they be sending you emails at the end of each work day. How do you want to stay in touch of with these people?

JV:  And then just a final thing, you’ve got to onboard them. So how do you go about that process of onboarding because I found a lot of entrepreneurs just kind of think that they going to start somebody on Monday and somehow on Tuesday they’ll be doing the work perfectly and that’s not exactly right.

The FreeeUp Onboarding Guide

Connor: It definitely takes a little bit of time to get people started. The way we like to do it is we create onboarding guides for everything. So we have processes and systems for all the tasks and roles within our business. We go ahead and create onboarding guides that we share with the person and in the way that we actually do onboarding once we hire the person is through video. We’ll share our screen. We’ll go through the process. Show that person how we specifically do it within our business. Once they think they have a good feel for it we switch the roles let them show us their screen. They go through the process. We tweak them as they’re going through the task to make sure they’re 100% up to the standard that we want.

JV:  This is great information. Folks you probably going to listen to this part for the second time because it’s really given you a tremendous step-by-step process and it’s clear Connor that your systems guy so am I, so we’re thinking systems. So you’ve really got your systems to think through. Up next we got the conscious questions. We’ll be right back with Conscious Millionaire.


JV:  Welcome back! I’m your coach Jayvee Crum III. Thanks for listening to Conscious Millionaire. This is the show for you, the conscious business owner, coach, consultant, once you create your first million by making a difference. I’m here with our guest Connor Gillivan. He is the author of the new book, “Freeeup Your Business: 50 Secrets to Boot Strap Million Dollar Companies” and we have been discussing how to build you outsourced group.

But before we go to the conscious questions I just want to thank you for showing up today. You know, you didn’t show for Jayvee and you didn’t show up for Connor. You showed up for yourself. I want to give a virtual pat on the back for that because you showed up, ready to take another step forward on your path to becoming a conscious millionaire. And that’s what we are here for. We’re here to bring you great guests like Connor Gillivan, the coaching, the insights that you need to build and grow your business and now it’s time for the conscious questions. So Connor the first question is, what is a key belief that’s helped you blast through your obstacles and achieve bigger goals?

Connor on Achieving Bigger Goals

Connor: A big thing that has been an experience throughout my entrepreneurial journey is hitting road blocks. And so I think the biggest belief for me is anytime I would run into failures, I would always look at them as an opportunity to learn and to grow. So anytime we ran to issues within the different businesses I help building we look at any failure as an opportunity to keep growing.

JV:  Well I love that. And what was the belief underneath that?

Connor: The belief underneath that is just that we’re pretty young or I was pretty young when I was running the first  two businesses. And I knew that I had a lot to learn. I had a lot to get to the places where I wanted to be. I always had this ambition of where I wanted to get and so being able to look at every, had of down as being an entrepreneur as an opportunity to learn and grow was what really pushed me through.

JV:  So what are 3 golden nuggets that you can share about your experiences as an entrepreneur that would help our listeners make their first million?

Connor: Sure. So the first nugget is to always approach business with a trial and error approach. So this includes when you’re starting the business, while you’re trying to scale your business. Be open to different revenue sources. Be open to different ways of growing your business. You never know how you’re going to get your end goal. The 2nd nugget is to always delegate work that’s not within your expertise. So don’t waste time doing those repetitive things or working on tasks that someone else can be doing that at a much higher level. And then the 3rd nugget is always to have a definite end goal. So this has been something I’ve been practicing for the past 5 years or so. And what I would like to do is every single year I’ve created definite angle of where I want to get. And I then focused on that every single day that I wake up. And I have seen it really create a life that I have been wanting to live for those years.

JV:  So Connor you’ve got your book, we’re going to have link to that on the show notes folks. That’s at consciousmillionaire.com. The new book “Freeeup Your Business: 50 Secrets to Boot Strap Million Dollar Company” What’s a book you would like to recommend?

Connor: I would recommend “The 4 Agreements” by Domy Galereese. It’s a great book,  a great personal journey book that can teach you a lot about growing personally.

JV:  Well you know I love the book myself and in fact just a few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a workshop with him and his two sons. So that was an amazing experience. You know in my book “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference”, I focus on the new entrepreneurial path that combines making a big impact with big profits. Connor how does your business positively impact your customers?

Connor: Awesome, so the way I like explain that at a very high level is were bringing together skilled, reliable freelancers from around the world with businesses that are just trying to grow. So in my eyes what we are really doing is we’re supplying people with work and we are also helping entrepreneurs and business owners to reach the goals that they have. Specific to this is to reach their first million.

JV:  And If somebody wants to get hold of you. What’s the best way to reach you?

Connor: You can find me on Facebook and Twitter. That’s where I am most active. My handle is just my name Connor Gillivan. You can also read about my lessons and build ecommerce companies on connorgillivan.com. And then of course you can find me at Freeeup.com. That’s with 3 E’s F R E E E up.com.

JV:  We’ll have links to all of those on the show notes at consciousmillionre.com. And now it’s time for the 48 hour challenge. So Connor you’ve got 48 hours to identify, find and close a high paying client. Give us the steps. What are you going to do?

The 48 Hour Challenge: Getting a High Paying Client

Connor: Awesome. Let’s break this down. So the first thing that I would do is I would create the exact customer profile of who I want to land as my client. I think most of the important things when you are going out and trying to bring out a new customer, a new client is to know exactly who you are going after. So you can pinpoint them and then put together a group of people and go after them. So I first put that customer profile together. Second, I am going to out and I am going to research and put together a list into some sort of document that has a list of let’s say 25 of these potential people in this 48 hours. And I am going to reach out to them through their social media channels. If I can find the email address, I am going to shoot them an email just saying I am interested in speaking with them and learning more about their story. The third thing is once you actually make that introduction and you get the connection is you’re going to want to get to talk to them a little about your story as well. And basically, eventually put an axe or a pitch in there. Let’s talk into them about your business and how it can potentially help then grow theirs. And then finally you’re just going to go ahead and repeat that process in that 48 hours span until you land one of those potential customers at a high level.

JV:  So after you tell your story, there’s going to be some kind of a pitch about maybe it’s a video or maybe its let have a call to get them move forward.

Connor: Yup. Exactly.

JV:  Okay, so it sounds like you’re going to be very specific but you’re also going to put out a net. You’re not going to just have one or two people. Try these 25 people but I’m only going to go 25 and one of them is going to hit.

Connor: Exactly. For my experience it’s always the numbers game, right? So people are busy. Most of, like you said a high paying client or high end client not all of them are going to respond to, so you want to have a little bit of a net where you can go after all of them. And yeah some people will respond and then you’ll eventually narrow it down to that one, two people that you’re going to be able to land.

JV:  This is a great process and I hope you’re loving this new question that I’ve introduced. I love to hear from you at Consciousmillionaireshow.com. You can send me a message or a voice message which ever works for you. I’ll be responding directly to you. And you know all of us are constantly solving problems that’s what we do. And so that means in our business we are always encountering what’s our next problem we’re solving. Where you at in your business in terms of that next problem you’re working on.

Connor on Public Speaking

Connor: Sure, so this is a little bit personal but it also has to go as my role as the CMO. And a big thing that I’ve been working on recently over the past 3 months or so is public speaking. So I’ve been trying to get more opportunities where I am able to get in front of potential customers or just other entrepreneurs who are looking to learn and being comfortable going up on a stage and speaking with people or even at a situation like this being able to share my story intelligently and connecting with the people who are listening.

JV:  Okay, great. Thanks for sharing that. All of us, I think really want to make a difference in the world, especially people listening to conscious millionaire. What’s the legacy you want to leave Connor?

Connor: So I kind of break it down to two main things. One is education and the second is impact. So when I leave my legacy, when I go on and hundred years on the line, I would like people to still know my name and look at me as someone that is able to help them build their business through my content, through my books and through the things I’ve created. And then also just impact, so being able to show people that you can a positive impact through building core profit businesses and really being able to change things and how they are working.

JV:  And Connor is there a cause or non-profit you’d like to shout out to?

Connor: Yeah. It’s called the One Love Foundation. I have a good friend, her name is Katy Noteriani and she runs a lot of marathons around the United States. And this is a foundation that helps put money towards families who have had a suicide within their family and she’s been pledging for this while she has been running marathons. So I’d just like to throw that out there and let people check it out.

JV:  You know this is often time everybody’s favorite part of the show it’s the gift giving and what’s the gift you have for everyone listening today Connor?

Connor: So the gifts we’re gonna be giving now is Freeeups free E-book. And it is the 10 most common mistakes of outsourcing and how you can avoid them. So the E-book goes into the 10 most common mistakes that entrepreneurs run into and then it outlines how we as a company address them and make sure that it isn’t an issue for us and then for our client as well.

JV:  Well if you’re enjoying todays show, I know that you’re going to want to look into outsourcing. This is your starting place. Go to consciousmillionaire.com. Click on the big gold image that says free gifts and you will go in and see the gift image. It says 10 most common mistakes in outsourcing. I want to thank you for listening today. I want you to know that it’s generally my honor that I get to be your coach of this show. I’d love for you to come back for our next show. If this is your first time listening, I want to especially welcome you to the community. Please bring your friends, come back to our shows. If you’re a long time listener, thank you so much. You are the entire reason I do this show and if you’re ready to take that journey to your first million. Your coach, your consultant, your business owner and you want to know the steps to take, I’d love to help you reach that destination. Just go to consciousmillionaireshow.com to learn more. And Connor, thank you so much for being our featured guest today.

JV:  Jayvee thanks for having me and hope everyone gets some value from what we talked about today


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