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We are proud to have our CMO Connor Gillivan featured in the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast hosted by Thom Singer this past week!

Connor Gillivan is a 27 year old serial entrepreneur that has built and runs two million dollar companies. He started his entrepreneurial career in his dorm room buying and selling text books on the Amazon Marketplace. After becoming an expert at Amazon, he helped to expand the company, Portlight, to other product categories eventually selling over $20 million on Amazon, hiring over 60 people, and working with over 1,000 drop ship suppliers.

Connor co-founded his second venture, FreeeUp, in late 2015 after becoming an expert at hiring remote freelancers with Portlight. He and his business partner were frustrated with the current platforms and wanted to create a simpler solution to hiring remote workers online. FreeeUp is now an online hiring marketplace offering pre-vetted workers from $5 to $50 per hour to over 1,000 businesses. The platform is experiencing rapid growth and has been featured in leading publications like The Huffington Post.

Connor’s first book, Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, publishes on April 26th on Amazon and The book reveals 50 core lessons that he and his business partner have learned from the many ups and downs they’ve experienced as entrepreneurs. In his free time, Connor writes about eCommerce, leadership, and startups at

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