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A FreeeUp guide by our very own Julia Valdez was published on Web Employed, a blog dedicated reviewing the best online sources for freelancers to earn money from home.

The blog focuses on providing such information to help people from under-developed countries. Many there are trying to earn money to support their families and homes in situations where there is a lack of work and resources. They are educated and skilled yet cannot find good work.

FreeeUp is presented in this guide as a solution to the long-time problems of launching a freelance career.

First, there is no lack of online platforms and boards to post on, but no real way to judge which ones offer the best options. The choices are confusing, and it would take an inordinate amount of time and effort to sort through all of them before actually being able to earn money. In addition, the risks involved in exploring different options on all these platforms can be high. Starting a freelance career in this mess is an uphill battle, and growing one is pie in the sky.

Not all boards allow freelancers to upload their resumes for free, and some limit the options available for free accounts. Some platforms are not as helpful as others because they do not provide enough options for uploading a portfolio and other information on skills and experience. Others advertise a wide reach yet really only hold a limited audience. Still others are free and easy to use with a huge pool of potential work, but do not offer sufficient protections for workers. This situation makes it difficult for good workers to earn money.

Second, the competition has become fierce since remote working has grown to be the preferred option for many. Career freelancing has become increasingly possible globally with increasing internet connectivity. Many who would otherwise be unable to work regular office-based jobs are flocking to the Internet to find work. Only the most intrepid can hope to build a freelance career in this environment, and most cannot really afford to spare the necessary time or energy – resources best spent on doing actual work.

With all this competition, simply finding work – much less decent work – to earn money can seem impossible. The hours that it would take to sort through posts, pitch proposals and go through interviews hardly seems worth the effort.

Enter FreeeUp, the top-rated worldwide fast-hire network of over 400 reputable freelancers and thousands of clients from every walk of life. FreeeUp is fast becoming a leading platform because it offers free signups and secure payment plus full support that is honestly concerned about freeing up everyone’s time to focus on being more productive and leveling up their freelance careers so they can earn money and improve their lives.

Click here to read the full article on webemployed.com. Find out how you can join the FreeeUp network to gain access to thousands of clients and open projects. The platform currently focuses on the eCommerce field, but is continuously expanding to include a wide array of skill sets for every need imaginable.


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