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Emily Bell wrote a guest post about the 10 eCommerce freelancers you need for your Amazon business on the Skubana blog.

These eCommerce freelancers will help you sell successfully on Amazon without spending 24 hours every day glued to your store.

Selling successfully on Amazon is a time-consuming endeavor, no two ways about it. An Amazon store owner like you can’t just throw up a few products and hope they sell. If you really want to grow your Amazon business, you need assistance. You can hire and set up full-time workers, but you can also contract this work out to expert eCommerce freelancers.

There is a wide variety of eCommerce freelancers for Amazon, which is a huge advantage. These experts already know their stuff, so they can complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. You have probably spend long hours in Amazon’s Sponsored Products platform, wondering why your ads aren’t delivering. How nice it would be to have someone at your side who has a little more experience! eCommerce freelancers with individual specializations can put time back in your hands while they expertly handle this and other specialized tasks.

Here are some of the specific areas where eCommerce freelancers can help you out with your Amazon business:

1. Inventory manager

Inventory best practices are necessary to help you avoid gaps in sales. eCommerce freelancers can keep your products in stock and help you avoid hefty Amazon storage fees. The balance between being well stocked yet not overstocked is a fine art. eCommerce freelancers will take care of making sure that new units are ordered when they should be.

2. Order fulfillment specialist

eCommerce freelancers can make sure that your order fulfillment goes smoothly. This will help you avoid hassles and poor customer reviews down the line. If you want to save a couple hours each day, outsourcing this task a great idea.

3. Copywriter

Compelling product pages are a must for you to succeed on Amazon. Product page optimization means a persuasive, keyword-rich title, bullets, and main description. This will help you stand out from similar products, and give your customers confidence in your credibility as a third-party seller. eCommerce freelancers with Amazon-specific copywriting skills will compose listing copy for you that appeals to the potential customer’s emotions. They will also know how to incorporate the best keywords.

4. Designer and/or photographer

You need great images to optimize your Amazon pages. You should have high resolution photos of different angles, and a few pictures or videos of the product in use. Hiring an experienced eCommerce freelancer can take your images from awful to standout. If you are paying for Amazon Plus, enhanced content, it is even more essential to have a creative individual.

5. Amazon PPC specialist

These Sponsored Products specialists can getting your listings up through the ranks of Amazon’s search results in less time and with less money. To make sales, sponsored product ads help by putting your listings on the first page of search results. You will need an expert who can do this correctly, without blowing through every cent you make.

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