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FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch was interviewed about how he felt limited in the corporate world and wanted to break free and make his own future.

The article published on InTheirShoes at medium.com. It tells the story of how Nathan turned it around when he felt limited. He is now an entrepreneur with multi-million dollar businesses Portlight and FreeeUp.

Nate launched the FreeeUp remote hiring platform in 2015 after he spent over three years in the vicious cycle of interviewing, hiring, and onboarding remote workers. He faced many challenges and decided that there had to be a better way. eCommerce companies should be able to hire remote workers without having to spend their precious hours weeding through candidates to find the most reliable people. These experiences made Nate a remote hiring expert and led him to build FreeeUp. FreeeUp is the unique remote hiring platform that frees up your time by offering pre-vetted workers and matching them to your needs.

The challenges of building FreeeUp

FreeeUp went through growing pains just the same as any business. Nathan and his business partner Connor Gillivan strove to find that true value add. They knew that one of the major pain points in the eCommerce market was linked to hiring. It was just so hard to find reliable workers. After a few months, they discovered the formula for how they would add the most value.

The prospect of failure

Nate admits that there were ups and downs throughout his journey running multiple online ventures. There were devastating experiences, but he and Connor have always had a positive attitude about challenging events. Everything happens for a reason, so failure is not an option.


Nate rates flexibility as a high 10. Running a business is a 24-hour-a-day commitment for founders, especially within the first year. It’s a constant push to face problems and move the marketplace forward. With FreeeUp’s international clients, flexibility is a vital component for growth.


Delegation follows close behind flexibility in the early years and moving forward as well. Dividing up work and responsibilities is important to keep founders from burnout and to give a business its best chance. Hiring internal freelance assistants to delegate other tasks too has also been vital to FreeeUp’s success.


Extremely motivated is one way to describe Nathan, and his lived out motto is “work hard, play hard.” He had supportive parents who focused on giving goals 100% at all time. Nate still holds that principle true although he gives some credit to being in the right place at the right time. His experience hiring over 25 remote workers for his multi-million dollar Amazon business made him eager to find a better hiring process. FreeeUp was sparked from that frustration he had as an eCommerce business owner.


Nate admits that he hated authority and working for other people from a young age. He always wanted to be his own boss. He wanted to have the ability to design and build his own future. Working 9 to 5 was a miserable future to imagine. He entered corporate America at a young age. He felt limited in the position and wanted to get away from everything that it stood for. Entrepreneurship was my gateway to making a greater impact through my own efforts and ideas. He broke free, and confirms the idea that rebelliousness is an innate aspect of the entrepreneur.


Friendship is a big part of Nate’s personal and business life. He has been building eCommerce businesses with one of his best friends, Connor, since they met in college. They run FreeeUp like a well-oiled machine because they keep their friendship and business relationship separate. This way, they can always put the marketplace first in matters of business and it doesn’t impact their friendship. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely game if you aren’t working with someone that you can also have a friendship with.


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Click here to read the full interview text on medium.com for more details on Nathan’s story of turning a trial into a triumph. 

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