SoYouWannaSellOnEbay 101 FreeeUp and Grow Your Business - Nathan Hirsch

We are proud to have our CEO Nathan Hirsch featured in the SoYouWannaSellOnEbay podcast this past week!

“Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He is the founder and CEO of and the co-founder and COO of Portlight. Nathan started his eCommerce career on the Amazon Marketplace and successfully built a $7 million business within 4 years. After seeing the potential of using remote freelancers within his first business, he founded FreeeUp to make the remote hiring experience simpler for all eCommerce business owners. FreeeUp now provides reliable eCommerce freelancers to hundreds of clients around the world. Nathan is an expert at building efficient systems and processes, sales strategies, and business management. He currently lives in Orlando, Florida.


  • Nathan’s Dad is a Teacher. He had always wanted Nathan to take the conventional route and get a full-time corporate job. His Mom is both a Teacher and an Entrepreneur.
  • He saw her mother’s business grow from its small beginnings to reaping the benefits. He saw his mother’s drive and the hours she put into her business. He was impressed and made him decide that Entrepreneurship is what he wanted to do for life.”

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Click here to listen to the full podcast and read the transcript on


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