Nathan Hirsch, FreeeUp CEO

FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch was on another radio show this week, Success Profiles Radio with Brian K Wright.

Nathan talks about FreeeUp online hiring as the hands-on hiring marketplace that connects hundreds of online business owners with pre-vetted and reliable remote freelancers. With a solid eCommerce background having sold more than $20 million worth of product online over the past 7+ years, he shares some great advice for selling on Amazon and hiring through FreeeUp.

As FreeeUp CEO, Nathan gives his advice on the best way to start an Amazon business, and discusses why bootstrapping is a great way to help it grow. Bootstrapping allows a startup to get off the ground and grow without the burdens that getting outside capital can place on a business. He then goes into the importance of diversifying vendor lists. A seller should never rely on any single vendor exclusively for any category. He also stresses how important it is to have excellent customer service, and how he injected and continues to stress this in his business culture, for both his Amazon business Portlight and FreeeUp. 

Listen to the story of how it all began from the FreeeUp CEO himself, and learn the advantages that Nathan and his business partner Connor learned from first-hand experiences using virtual assistants. Nathan shares all the different tasks – Amazon and otherwise – that can be outsourced to free up your time and help your business grow. He also explains the hiring process, and how FreeeUp streamlines it and makes it easier and more efficient. There are more than a few common mistakes that people make when trying to outsource work, and Nathan discusses these and what FreeeUp can do to help avoid these pitfalls. One of these mistakes is thinking of remote freelancers as temporary add-ons and therefore not sharing the company vision with them. The truth is, getting freelancers to buy into this vision gets them invested in the business and more motivated to see it succeed.

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Click here to download the full 05/29/17 show and learn more, including Nathan’s daily routine for success.


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