John Lagoudakis Podcast Interview with Nathan Hirsch Founder of

FreeeUp’s CEO Nathan Hirsch was just on the John Lagoudakis Podcast yesterday, talking about the founding of FreeeUp, how the unique system works, and sharing his tips for remote hiring

John and Nathan delve into Nathan’s start in eCommerce on Amazon and how he has worked over the past 7 years building Portlight and FreeeUp. Nathan is a serial entrepreneur who also boasts expertise in giving tips for remote hiring. As the co-founder and COO of Portlight, Nathan developed mad skills and experience in eCommerce and online hiring. He shares how he built Portlight into a seven million dollar business in just four short years, and all in his early twenties.

Nathan was seeing great success with Portlight, despite the many hiring mishaps that threatened to derail his plans for growth. Through these trials, he saw the potential of using remote workers if only the hiring process could be systematized and controlled. He worked on building his own hiring system and processes to make sure that he could find the best ones for his business without having to spend do much time interviewing and onboarding and without having to go through the trial and error process and starting all over again when workers didn’t turn out to be all that he thought they would be.

From all that he learned, Nathan co-founded FreeeUp with his Portlight business partner Connor Gillivan two years ago. They were very passionate about building an online hiring marketplace to make the experience simpler for all eCommerce business owners because of all the difficult experiences that they had gone through. The marketplace finds great workers for business owners, and also shares tips for remote hiring with clients.

In this podcast episode, Nathan gives his tips for hiring great virtual assistants, about what it takes to run a successful business, how FreeeUp works, and a lot more!

John Lagoudakis is an Internet marketer in Australia who works to get businesses exposure and leads to generate more sales online. Click here to listen to the full podcast on and get a free copy of his ‘Online Business Resource Report’.


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