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We are proud to have our CEO Nathan Hirsch, member of the Clear Business Directory, featured this past week on the In the Clear podcast, talking about how to FreeeUp Your Business!

Nathan Hirsch is the CEO of FreeeUp is the hands-on solution to hiring remote freelancers online. They interview hundreds of applicants accepting only the best so that you don’t have to. You go to them, tell them who you need, and they introduce you to the best remote freelancer in their network.

In today’s episode, Nathan Hirsch talks about why he started FreeeUp and what problems they are trying to solve. He explains the importance of communication in a working relationship and how they instill that in the freelancers on the FreeeUp marketplace. He also shares a personal experience that he has learned from and how that helped him grow.

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Click here to listen to the full FreeeUp Your Business podcast and read the transcript on


Free Up Your Business FreeeUp


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