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FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch talks about starting and growing an eCommerce business on The How of Business podcast with David Begin and Henry Lopez.

This 82nd episode is an interview with Nathan Hirsch the serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Nathan shares his experience as an entrepreneur starting and growing an eCommerce business from starting his first business in college up to his current enterprise, FreeeUp.

About Nathan

Nate is the CEO of FreeeUp.coma unique remote hiring marketplace, and the COO of Portlight, a multi-million dollar Amazon store. Nate has been an eCommerce entrepreneur since 2009. He has grown into a leading expert in the field as well as an expert in remote hiring. His experience managing multi-million dollar businesses and hiring remote workers began before he could legally drink. Nathan lives in Winter Park, Florida.

Portlight is a drop-ship Amazon business that Nathan and his business partner Connor Gillivan built while attending college. Nate and Connor scaled Portlight to sell over 7 million dollars by the time of this episode’s airing with 60 full time workers. is an online hiring marketplace that specializes in placing the top skilled remote workers with eCommerce businesses.

Show Notes:

  • Freedom as the the most valuable benefit of being your own boss.
  • Learnings from having started two businesses
  • The advantages of time management skills – “Prioritizing is everything.
  • The idea behind FreeeUp is the desire for a better way to hire remote workers.
  • FreeeUp is unique because it does all the screening to find only the top remote workers and covers replacement costs when current matches don’t work out.
  • How working with a business partner who compliments you is great
  • “Make sure you are actually committed to starting a business.” – it requires sacrifices
  • One of Nate’s keys to success both in business and in life is surrounding himself with good people


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