The FreeeUp blog is an industry-leading source for eCommerce businesses, digital agencies, freelance businesses, and entrepreneurs to take their hiring and scaling journey to the next level.

We publish articles three times per week and restrict guest posts on the blog to partners and selected individuals that have proven expertise within their niches online.

If you’ve been invited to write a guest post for the FreeeUp Blog, please read the following carefully and get in touch with our blog manager if you have any questions. 

Content Requirements

We take our content very seriously and only accept guest posts that add real value to the community.

This means that guest posts should be well researched, written in fluent American English, mention statistics about the topic at hand, and provide actionable steps that readers can take to advance their lives and businesses.

The ideal guest post is between 1,000 and 2,000 words packed with valuable information on the topic.

The majority of the blog’s readers are eCommerce business owners, digital agency owners, marketers, freelancers, and digital entrepreneurs. We ask that you aim for all content you submit to be of high quality and high impact.

This means that readers will finish the article thinking, “Wow, that is a new spin on a concept I have read about before.” or “Holy cow, I need to start doing that right now!” 

Here’s a few examples of articles that have performed well with the FreeeUp audience:

Guest Article Guidelines

To improve the chances of your guest post performing well on the FreeeUp blog, please do the following:

  • Length: Ideal article length is 1,000 to 2,000 words.
  • Research: Browse the FreeeUp blog and make sure that we haven’t already covered your topic. All new content should complement what has been produced in the past.
  • Understand our Voice: Read a number of our articles to understand the voice that we use when talking to the community. Knowing the voice of the FreeeUp blog will help you when writing your guest post. (Hint: we are personal and informative.)
  • SEO Keyword Focus: Make sure to optimize your guest post for a specific, relevant SEO search term that is relevant to the FreeeUp audience. If you need help with the SEO keyword, reach out to our blog manager.
  • Only submit original content. We do not accept content that has been used on other publications. Please make sure that all content is unique to the FreeeUp Blog.
  • Links: Include 3 links to relevant, informative and high-traffic articles in the body, either to FreeeUp or external sites. All brand names should also be linked to their respective websites. We also allow one backlink to your own website in your author byline.
  • Proof Before Submitting: Proof your article at least once so that it is ready for publishing when you submit it. When you make our task easier, we can get your article published faster.

Please know that we reserve the right to edit your guest article upon submission. We’re not going to completely change the content, but if there is a relevant place where promotions back to FreeeUp can be mentioned, we will utilize our right to insert specific content.


We receive a large volume of guest post requests and cannot guarantee that everyone will get the opportunity to be featured on the FreeeUp blog. We do our best to work with our guest writers to create an amazing piece of content that will really wow our community. If you have the will to work with us towards that great piece, there is a good chance you will land the opportunity.

In addition, we publish on a first-come, first-served basis. We schedule posts that fit our guidelines as they come in and give them the earliest open slot on our content calendar. If you expect publication within a specific date range, please let us know via email –

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    1. Hi Gerard, please email and send over your topic ideas. We are focusing on remote hiring and accept posts that speak directly to business owners who are looking to hire remote freelancers or need tips on managing them.

  1. Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest authoring a blog
    post or vice-versa? My website discusses a lot of the same
    topics as yours and I think we could greatly benefit from each other.

    1. Hi Lasha, a post exchange sounds good. Please email and send over your topic ideas. We are focusing on remote hiring and accept posts that speak directly to business owners who are looking to hire remote freelancers or need tips on managing them.

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