Hiring Remote Freelancers

Nathan Hirsch, FreeeUp’s CEO, was on another radio show this week, Heartrepreneur Radio with Terri Levine.

This episode of Heartrepreneur Radio is about hiring remote freelancers to help you in your business.

Developing Expertise in Hiring Remote Freelancers

Terri talks about Nathan’s expertise as a serial entrepreneur and in hiring remote freelancers. The big question in this episode is how business owners can have people help them remotely. Terri gets a lot of questions from frustrated business owners about how they can find great remote freelancers.

Nathan has been selling online for over 7 years, since he was 20 years old and still in college. He made lots of hiring mistakes, and this experience taught him the answers. He has sold over 20 million worth of product online and had had a lot of hiring practice, so he knows all about hiring remote freelancers and how to do it the right way.

HR consumed a lot of Nathan’s time early on, and FreeeUp is the business that he wished existed back then. He needed a place he could turn to when he was having trouble hiring remote freelancers. He and his business partner Connor Gillivan built FreeeUp as the answer to the problems of hiring remote freelancers. Now, business owners don’t have to go through the trouble that Nathan and Connor did. They can turn to FreeeUp.

The Main Hiring Problem

Nathan says that the #1 stumbling block when hiring remote freelancers from overseas is that business owners don’t pay enough attention to the 3 focal points of hiring. These are skills, attitude, and communication. Nathan says that skills are just not enough. In addition, business owners can’t be sure that what they are reading on a portfolio or proposal is accurate. He also says that attitude is so important – workers should not care only about their paycheck, being selfish, but be true workaholics who are passionate about the business and caring in the way they perform their tasks. Talent is also not enough, and being a good communicator is key to a good hiring experience. Many business owners are not really great at managing workers, and when communication is poor, even the most skilled worker is not going to help the business grow. Nathan knows how to find the remote freelancers who poses a good balance of these main qualities.

Are You Really Saving?

So many business owners hire remote freelancers because they want to save a few bucks. The problem is that without the right system for judging the right stuff and managing workers, it can be disastrous and end up costing a great deal more. This is what stresses a lot of business owners out. They rush the hiring process so they can save time, grabbing a worker for the lowest price possible not realizing that this can get super expensive because it ends up wasting a lot of time. They don’t consider the sorting through lots of workers to find that gem that’s a good fit. Nathan warns that you can’t just post a project and expect to get a high-value workers within 24 hours. He knows this from experience.

Money if often tight for new business owners, and Nathan has a solution for this as well. He says that there are 2 ways to go about hiring. First, if you have systems and processes, then you can hire a lower-level worker who will then just follow your established procedures. But most new businesses will not yet have these processes, and though it can seem to cost a lot, it is much more sensible to hire an expert who can do the audit and create the SOPs that a lower-level worker can then follow. This save mush more down the line.

Get Help Hiring Remote Freelancers

Terri recommends that business owners get in touch with Nathan for help hiring virtual assistants and remote freelancers. Schedule a meeting with Nathan to discuss  your needs, or go straight in and sign up free to experience the process. The Online Hiring Mastermind Facebook group is also a great place to get more information and helpful tips about hiring remote freelancers from the FreeeUp marketplace and other business owners who are successfully running their businesses with the help of remote freelancers. You can also connect with FreeeUp on Twitter and Instagram.

Nathan goes on to give a golden piece of advice for sellers who have great products but can’t seem to sell them. Click here for the full Heartrepreneur Radio Episode 36 on iTunes and learn Nathan’s expert tips for selling millions of dollars worth of product.


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