eComEngine Hiring Freelancers frees up time

We are proud to have our CMO Connor Gillivan interviewed on hiring freelancers for an article on eComEngine this past week!


FreeeUp is a virtual work platform dedicated to helping eCommerce merchants and other business owners find reliable remote freelancers. The company does the recruiting and hiring, allowing sellers to hit the ground running when it comes to delegating tasks.

I recently had a conversation with Connor Gillivan, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of FreeeUp, about how the marketplace works and how he got involved.

Liz: What inspired the two of you to co-found FreeeUp?

Connor: Nate and I decided to found FreeeUp after having a poor experience recruiting and hiring remote freelancers through online hiring platforms. We were sick of the time that it took to post projects, interview applicants and make the final hire. Even once we hired the person, there was no guarantee that they would stay with the company. While running Portlight, we hired over 100 remote freelancers as we figured out the best way to recruit, interview and test these online freelancers. Once we figured out a method to the madness, we discussed this solution being attractive to other eCommerce business owners. There wasn’t currently a platform specifically created for the eCommerce industry, and we wanted to change the way online hiring occurred.

Liz: What are the biggest challenges you see eCommerce business owners facing?

Connor: The biggest challenge that eCommerce business owners face while starting, growing and leading their company is time. eCommerce businesses are extremely intricate and require many moving pieces to build profitability. Order fulfillment, customer service, inventory management, marketplace management, advertising, social media management, etc. To get to a place where you are running a successful eCommerce business, you must have other experts pushing the company forward in areas that you do not specialize in. If eCommerce business owners fail to recognize that and attempt to handle everything themselves, they will eventually drown.

Liz: How can a freelancer help an eCommerce business owner become successful?

Connor: Freelancers help eCommerce business owners to free up their time so they can stay focused on the growth of the business. Instead of fulfilling orders each day, the business owner can hire a freelancer who specializes in order fulfillment to handle it. That is 1-2 hours off their plate that they can use to focus on other tasks. Freelancers can also add an expertise to the business that didn’t exist before. An eCommerce business owner could hire a Facebook Ads expert freelancer to drive more traffic to their online store. In this way, the freelancer helps the company to grow where the business owner maybe does not have expertise.

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