Legendary Millennial Entrepreneurs

FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan guested on Legendary Millennial Entrepreneurs, an epoisode of the Legends & Losers podcast with Christopher Lochhead and Colin Vincent.

Join Chris, Colin, Connor, and two other millennial entrepreneurs, Hector Santiesteban and Mani Vaya, as they talk about the problems of entrepreneurship in this millennium. Chris invited these three pioneering entrepreneur guests to discuss how the millennial generation looks like the least entrepreneurial in history. It’s a lively discussion that brings up quite a few issues and quite a few more interesting points of view.

Chris goes into this episode about Legendary Millennial Entrepreneurs with the idea of entrepreneurship as a way out of a life of struggle or poverty. He also mentions how innovation and determination go together in the life of a successful entrepreneur.

Striking questions are asked, such as:

  • What is driving this crisis in entrepreneurship?
  • What is making people not want to take risks?
  • What are the biggest challenges that millennials face when running business ventures?

Connor, Hector and Mani are definitely three young entrepreneurs who are winning at the game of business and making a real impact in the lives of people around them. What makes these Legendary Millennial Entrepreneurs so different from their peers?

“Entrepreneurial tendencies and philosophies are great ways to live as a person.” -Connor Gillivan


Watch as these Legendary Millennial Entrepreneurs talk about:

  1. Millennial education as based upon a pre-internet lifestyle and a pre-internet economy
  2. Increasing revenue and seeing all other challenges become easier
  3. Young people preferring to be broke and fulfilled rather than rich and unhappy
  4. Access to capital no longer being tied directly into giving up ownership
  5. Structure leading to freedom
  6. The biggest challenges entrepreneurs are facing
  7. The importance of grit, persistence and hunger
  8. The importance of meditation and having hard lines
  9. Painting a compelling vision
  10. The new ways entrepreneurs can access capital

Chris concludes that what’s holding people back from being legendary millennial entrepreneurs themselves is the lack of preparation and driving motivation to take risks. Young people are not generally attracted to self-improvement, and entrepreneurs can be a great influence on them to see its benefits. Millennials have also moved away from the old grind of working for money to the motivation of fulfillment and happiness. This is a positive force that can encourage entrepreneurship in the new millennium.

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