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Our CMO Connor Gillivan was a guest on another podcast this past week, the Modern Leadership podcast with Jake Carlson

Part of good modern leadership is knowing what it’s like to be in the trenches and using that experience to build up and out. There’s nothing like crawling through the dust and rain for building perseverance and learning valuable lessons. It’s hard, but business owners don’t have to let the challenges turn them into sticks in the mud. Connor Gillivan has been in the trenches of bootstrapping businesses and hiring workers to help these busniesses grow. He has more than a few great pieces of advice to share on the subject.

Connor is only 27 years old and already a serial entrepreneur and best selling author. In this episode of Modern Leadership, he shares his experiences over the past 7 years of growing his first business to over $20 million in sales and building an awesome group of remote workers of  over 60 skilled individuals. He also talks about the FreeeUp platform and how this unique hiring hub was born from the secrets that he and CEO Nathan Hirsch learned along the way.

Connor co-founded FreeeUp after gong through harrowing online hiring experiences and developing a hard-won expertise at hiring and managing remote freelance workers. FreeeUp is barely 2 years old and has already made a name for itself as an amazing alternative to the usual online hiring platforms.

In this episode of Modern Leadership, Connor talks about a few key points that, if handled prudently, will be a big factor in business growth:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Continually finding needs and creating solutions

He also talks about the grueling process of writing a book. Connor says that the secret here is to simply calendar it, just like the responsible entrepreneur calendars each day to make it as productive as possible. One key to business success is to march on like a good trooper, doing what needs to be done so that the future is cleared of obstacles and you become free to fully enjoy your time.

His new book, Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, is the product of his time in the trenches. The book details in its 219 pages the secrets of modern leadership that he and partner Nathan discovered as they hit hills and climbed over them in the process of building businesses. The book also includes several anecdotes from their journey together that add color and depth to the lessons contained therein.

Want to get a great deal on the next worker you hire? Just mention the Modern Leadership podcast when you sign up for your free account.

Click here to listen to the full Modern Leadership episode on and learn more from what Connor has to say about growing businesses and hiring remote workers.

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