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This is an article all about how to sell your products on a Facebook shop from one of our partners at FitSmallBusiness.com. In the article, you’ll learn how to set up your Facebook business page, review your selling options, compare ecommerce platform options, create products, link them to your shop, and market them for success. Enjoy the read!


Need a walk-through on everything you need to know to sell products on a Facebook Shop? This is where you’ll find the five easy steps to do just that. From setting up your Facebook business page to exploring your options for listing products on Facebook, it’s all here. Plus, learn marketing tactics to drive sales and make your Facebook Shop a success.

The article covers:

  • Step 1: Set up your Facebook business page
  • Step 2: Look at your Facebook Shop selling options
  • Step 3: Compare ecommerce platform options for Facebook Shops
  • Step 4: Create products and link them to your Facebook Shop
  • Step 5: Market your products for Facebook Shop success


Step 1: Set up a Business Page

You need a Facebook business page to set up a Facebook Shop. You can’t do this on a personal account, but a business page will allow your customers to easily find and follow you to like your page and posts, and give you a wide array of free marketing opportunities and budget-minded advertising tools.

You can sell your products directly to Facebook’s huge audience from your Facebook shop. Facebook has over 1.7 billion users that you can market to. Read more here on creating your Facebook business page.

Before you create your Facebook shop, first set up a way to list products and accept orders and payments through Facebook. Choose a Facebook-friendly ecommerce platform, or one of the other simple options below.

Step 2: Browse the Facebook Shop Selling Options

Facebook offers a complete in-app shopping experience through the fully integrated Facebook Shop. You can add products and accept payments by uploading your products and connecting your payment processor directly to Facebook Shop. This is a free option. You can also use a paid or free ecommerce platform that can connect to Facebook so that you can also sell products on your own website and other social channels.

Want to know more about your options? Read the full article here.


Step 3: Ecommerce Options for Your Facebook Shop

ShopifyBigCommerce, and Ecwid are a few of the most popular ecommerce platforms. These all connect seamlessly to Facebook Shop. If you already have an ecommerce website, check to see if it provides integration with Facebook Shop. If it does, follow their setup instructions to connect your website listings to your new Facebook shop and page.

The full article contains more details on the lowest-cost ecommerce platform options and full-featured plans. You can see a more detailed comparison of top ecommerce platforms in our article here.

Step 4: Create Products and Link to Your Facebook Shop

If you’re starting with a new ecommerce solution, it is now time to start creating listings so you can go live. Don’t forget to set up your payment methods and add in your shipping rates and store information.

Creating good product listings and a store information page is easy if you follow best practices. First, you’ll need good product images, descriptions complete with product details, and your product numbers or inventory SKU numbers. Next, you’ll need a nice write-up about your store with your contact information, and clear customer service, privacy, and shipping and returns policies.

No matter which platform you choose, your new Facebook shop section should appear on your page. Your website listings should appear clearly once Facebook has had a chance to review them.

If you have an old Facebook page with a Shop Now button that connects to your website, you need to go to your your Facebook admin page to change the link to your Facebook Shop.

Step 5: Market for Facebook Shop Success

Facebook Shop products are ready to promote on the platform. You can quickly select your products or categories to use in Facebook posts and ads. A great feature of a Facebook shop is that your audience doesn’t have to leave the platform. This results in higher conversions.

Learn more about the specific ways you can market on Facebook by reading the full article on fitsmallbusiness.com.

The Bottom Line

Selling your products directly on Facebook is easy with a Facebook shop on your business page.


Krista Fabregas writer

The original article on fitsmallbusiness.com was contributed by Krista Fabregas


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  1. The integration with Facebook is really top-notch and does indeed significantly increase sales on a private website – 40% in our case so far – and being active on Facebook has shown the potential to increase sales even more.

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