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FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan talks about his eCommerce experience on the Startup Sense podcast with Jonah Lupton.

Connor Gillivan shares his wealth of eCommerce experience as an entrepreneur on this 216th episode. Connor has a lot of experience, especially with building a successful drop-ship business. His first company was started when he was still in college. It has since grown to sell more than $20 million, almost exclusively through Amazon. At one point this Amazon business, Portlight, was selling hundreds of thousands of different items and using thousands of different drop-shippers. Over the past couple of years, Connor and his partner Nathan Hirsch have scaled back the business.

The focus now is on their newer business, FreeeUp. FreeeUp is an online hiring marketplace with a unique twist. FreeeUp focuses on helping business owners to find the best matches for their needs. FreeeUp finds and vets the top freelancers in a wide range of areas and offers them to businesses in need of expert help. FreeeUp retains within their network only the best freelancers with eCommerce experience. All freelancers in the FreeeUp marketplace must meet a certain level of eCommerce experience, skills and professionalism.

FreeeUp was launched and is currently run as a bootstrapped business, but its founders have considered raising capital for expansion. Connor and Nathan are based in Orlando, Florida where they manage the network of over 700 freelancers from around the world.

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Don’t forget to visit Connor’s blog, He shares there his eCommerce experience and knowledge on starting eCommerce businesses, growing as an entrepreneur, and navigating the startup world. Check out his best selling book too, Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies. It is available for purchase on the site and on Amazon. The book is filled with the secrets that he and FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch learned over the past 7 years that they have been working together on their Amazon store Portlight, and gives the steps that entrepreneurs can take to scale their businesses to pull in over $1 million in sales.


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  1. This is an awesome story and an awesome idea! I’ve also purchased the book and can say that it’s more than worth it for startups and growing businesses.

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