Why Startups Are Failing to Build Remarkable Online Teams

We are proud to have a guest post from our very own Wade Harman posted on startups.co this past week!


If you want to create the A-team of online freelancers, you need to adapt to these strategies…

Do you have a startup business and are looking for a remarkable online team to keep it rolling?

You have probably been thinking about how you are in need of hiring affordable, reliable talent for your company. However, a lot of startup business owners fall into the same old traps when hiring remote freelancers for their business, causing their company to slow down on the road to success.

There are five top mistakes business owners make when looking to assemble a remarkable online team. I want to discuss how you can avoid these mistakes and create the dream team for your business as quickly as possible. Then you can begin building your business on a foundation of great hires.

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9 thoughts on “startups co: Why Startups Are Failing to Build Remarkable Online Teams

  1. Sharing a vision is often overlooked but vitally important in building a solid team, a real team that treats a business as its own.

  2. Really great tips on building an A-team. I especially appreciate how business owners have to be organized first before expecting workers to be productive.

    1. Hey Burt, thanks, the site features fresh content on startup topics regularly. We also have a few of these topics right here on the blog.

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