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This article about the keyword tips that will make you a better Amazon seller is one of our guest posts on the BQool blog.

The article gives us tips on dealing with keywords that anyone can use to become a better Amazon seller. 

To be a better Amazon seller, your keywords should be more than just what you insert into your Amazon listings. You should, of course, have a first-class product listing that offers outstanding value. However, keywords aren’t just for stuffing into the copy to make it look good. You need to generate highly relevant impressions or page views for your listings. Otherwise, potential customers will never be able to to see your product as it is buried under better-optimized listings. If you want to be a better Amazon seller, you need to increase the amount of traffic that goes to your listing.

Using keywords the right way means focusing time on searching for the right ones. These are the keywords that will help your rankings, both organically and when running your Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Here is an overview of the keyword tips in the article that will help you find those high-level keywords for listings that pop:

1. Keep your keywords relevant.  
2. Know which keywords your competitors are showing up for.
3. Target long tail keywords.
4. Use a VA to get more specific.
5. Make sure your keywords are indexing.

Be a Better Amazon Seller Starting Today!

Amazon is a very competitive marketplace, and you need to get on the ball about grabbing those golden keywords for your listings. You can position yourself for success and create better listings by targeting the keywords that will drive real sales. If you don’t have the time or the expertise to go through painstaking research and testing, consider hiring an experienced contractor. FreeeUp has a pool of the top talent in Amazon PPC and listing optimization with the skills to maximize your keyword potential.

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5 thoughts on “BQool: Simple Keyword Tips to Make You a Better Amazon Seller

  1. Quick tip, this process goes in a loop – tracking keyword performance then going back to step 1 to check and clean them up is so important to make sure money isn’t wasted on underperforming terms.

    1. Excellent note, Logan, 100% agreed, and in addition, an experienced VA will know how to do this efficiently.

  2. Working with an experienced virtual SEO has been a real time-saver for us since the competition started getting tougher in our niche. Double thumbs up for the remote option!

  3. Great episode on how to save more by hiring a remote expert to do Amazon keywords. Keyword research is more complex than most initially assume, with a huge negative impact when done incorrectly!

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