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While doing performance MKT you need to stay highly creative and highly organized. You need to be creative and clear to get the attention of the audience. This work requires passion. Something must burn inside of you when you are at it. You need to be like the scientist that gets obsessed with work. Activating the masses through images and communication is one of the most amazing and satisfactory experiences in the world, and you should be ready to take it to the next level. By keeping that focus, you can enjoy even tasks like A/B testing, which can make your whole work life dull if you do not stay enthusiastic.

Here are my 9 things to keep in mind when doing Performance MKT:

Know your tools

This is the easiest part. All advertising platforms that provide tools for performance MKT are generally intuitive and creative, easy for the common man to use. The safest and cleanest way to learn is directly through each platform’s certifications and guidelines. Online information from third parties can be misleading at times, so learn your facts first directly from ads platform certifications and guidelines. This way, when you read third party online tutorials, you can discern facts from fiction and misleading information.

Everything is an assumption

Do you think that one performance MKT platform is better than another? Or that one type of ad gives better results than another? Maybe you think narrow audiences are better than broad audiences? If you have any of these types of opinions, you need to be ready to let go of everything you believe is better and open your mind to the possibilities.

When you start a campaign for a product with no consistent historical data, EVERYTHING is an assumption and you need to test each avenue before you can begin to decide.

Always test

Test everything, and when you think that you have found your sweet spot, test even more. Make educated guesses and test one advertisement platform versus another. Do A/B testing for everything: images, copywriting, landing pages, keywords, and audiences. And do this for every single product that you launch because the results won’t be the same for each product. performance MKT is not an exact science, and you will have to find your way through each campaign.

Stay Structured and Organized

Things can get overwhelming while going into deep testing funnels within campaigns, ad sets, ads, audiences, keywords and crossed A/B testing. So staying structured and organized is vital. This is an example of one way to organize your campaigns: season_product_objective_audience_device. But whatever system you use, just remember that the goal is to keep all your data organized so that you can keep your tests straight and run your campaigns like a pro.

Keywords for humans versus keywords for platform algorithms

Most of the time when selecting keywords we think of keywords for the algorithm of the platform that we are working on. But we don’t take into account that the subconscious mind of the consumer has its own algorithm. While writing ad copy, you have to say it with keywords. Keywords for algorithms help us connect with the audience and rank while keywords for the subconscious mind are triggered by emotions and desires that produce sales.

The subconscious mind loves imaginary and sensory feeling that can be created with words. It only recognizes the present moment, and is able to accept and integrate new ideas only if they are presented in the now. Eliminate words such as “will” and “going to” which reside in the future. It also can only process affirmative commands, so words such as “no”, “can’t”, “don’t”, and “won’t” will not be detected by the subconscious algorithm of the consumer.

Be creative and passionate

Never see your campaigns as work, but see them as a calling. Performance MKT can be one of the most addictive, creative and satisfying experiences you will ever have. If you have the passion for all that is involved and can approach the tasks creatively, you will find yourself in a very fulfilling career.

Expand your vision to see audience opportunities

A single product can have many more audiences than you imagined. For example, something as simple as a star projector nightlight can be sold for children’s bedrooms, for living room decoration, general home decoration, grownups’ bedrooms, for chillout areas at concerts, for autistic, cerebral palsy and other special needs patients that need sensorial stimulation therapy, and the list goes on. If you train your mind not to limit the product to what you know or can imagine it can be appreciated as, then you can reach further with your performance MKT strategies.

Analyze data with an open mind

Data is your guide in the darkness. It will lead you to fully connect with your audience and sales if you listen to it. Don’t bring your assumptions to the table but let the data speak for itself. If you listen closely, you can gather a lot of information from the data you have on hand.

Listen to the audience

Read reports about what people are talking about on social media. Use a tool like Radian6 to monitor these platforms and gather information about the consumers who are active on them. At least once a month, spend a full day with customer support. Ask them for reports about what the customers have been asking, complaining, and talking about for the past week.


Guilú Alcázar


Guilú A. is a digital strategist and eCommerce consultant who has been working in the online advertising arena since 2008Connect with her on Linkedin.



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