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The best freelancer for Amazon isn’t equipped with a cape and flying abilities in getting organic product reviews, but they do exhume superpowers of sorts.

In order to continue the good work as a virtual assistant for your clients, you need to wear a lot of hats and have a lot of experience and expertise under your utility belt. One of these is to understand the power of a successful product launch on Amazon.

Out of the many responsibilities which come with launching a new Amazon product, probably the most important is how the product can get organic product reviews. Getting real reviews on Amazon is something every new product launch needs, and it’s up to you to guide the campaign to this point. Don’t worry if you’re staring at an empty review screen. Just keep reading to understand how you can fill those slots with real opinions quickly and efficiently.

#1 – The Follow Up Email

One of the strongest ways to get a brand new organic product reviews on Amazon is to take advantage of the follow up email after the customer has purchased.

Amazon allows each seller to contact the customer through the “Buyer/Seller Messaging System”. This allows you to send an automated message to your customers prompting them to head back to your seller page and leaving their review.

A/B and split testing should be done here to determine which message you craft hits home more perfectly, but once you have the screws and bolts tightened on the message, start sending them out a day or two after your customer has received your product.

It’s in this message that you will imply, not demand, that you would like a review for your product. Create a helpful email which pushes them towards the feedback button. You can even create a series of messages where the first makes sure the product has arrived, the second provides some helpful instructions for the product, and the third asks for the feedback.

Utilizing every tool Amazon allows is part of the process of grabbing the best organic product reviews for your client, and email is a powerful way to apply this strategy.

#2 – Use Discounts For Feedback

While some people bend and twist Amazon’s guidelines, no matter what you heard, it’s not okay to exchange or barter for positive reviews. For example, you shouldn’t be giving away your product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for a positive review. This is against Amazon’s policies and your account could get suspended.

So, in order to stay within the realm of sanity with your seller account and still get the benefit of feedback, you can simply offer a discount. Now this isn’t a discount where the other party in question knows they HAVE to give the review. This is making a nice offer then following up with your customer later in the email to ask for the feedback.

#3 – Read Your Organic Product Reviews

The best Amazon sellers take customer opinion and create beauty out of it. If you want to continue getting organic product reviews, you need to go to the well where the customers drink from.

If your product needs work, your customer will tell you. Understand from their point of view what needs to be better, what you need to change, and what your product needs to do to make them happy. Create the necessary tweaks and re-establish your product for some great results. I know it’s tough to read negative reviews, but you can use them to build even more positive reviews down the road.

#4 – Enhance the Customer Experience

If you want the best feedback, you’ve gotta give the best experience. For example, if your product title says “Productivity-Enhancing…”, you have started this experience.

If you have targeted the right person and correctly applied Amazon SEO in order to bring the person to your door, the only other thing you need is to entice them with your title. Customer experience starts when you set up your listing, and showing them how your product benefits them in the title and description is a great way to enhance this experience.

Don’t simply paste in the product’s actual name, say, Slimming Red Cocktail Dress Knee-High Size 7. Create a story which unfolds in the mind of your customer and create relevance which makes them part of it.

Jeffrey Cohen, Director of Business Development at Seller Labs, explains that if you can bring your customer through the journey of the buying process, they are more determined to create a positive review for your product after the sale has been done. In fact, Jeffery says that if you do it correctly, the customer can be so caught up in your story that they will provide you with valuable feedback even before they receive the product.

In Conclusion

Every virtual assistant wants to show their superpowers of grabbing organic (and positive) reviews for their clients. However, there’s really no trick or power to it at all. Instead, it takes hard work and lots of planning to peek inside the minds of your target audience.

Always remember these steps you should take to ensure positive feedback for your clients’ products on Amazon and you will continue to see the feedback field lighting up.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for grabbing positive reviews for a product launch on Amazon? I would love to hear about them in the comment section!



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