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Are you thinking about taking the leap into a freelance career online?

Many have had a vision bigger than themselves, and because they weren’t prepared, were swallowed up by the dream. It’s okay to have the dream, but if you’re considering taking the plunge into freelance work there are some important things you have to consider before you jump into the icy waters of this kind of work.

Here’s some great tips you should always remember as you thrive towards a successful career in freelance.

#1 – Find Your Worth

“I’m going to go online, even though I have never done it before, and make money today”…

This sentence has been said many times, but is rarely, if ever, accomplished. That’s why you can’t go off half-cocked in the freelance world. So before you allow your emotional status to overtake your mental attitude you have to remember this one thing:

Why would someone hire you?

The answer to this question is essential when launching a freelance career. Where does your expertise lie? Whatever it is you need to create a niche market for your services.

For example, if you’re good at writing marketing material online then you should niche that down even more. Perhaps you also hold some knowledge in social marketing. Going even further you could mention you’re great at writing content for the Pinterest platform.

This is great to do when you’re looking for a specific client. However, as long as your main expertise is well rounded as a writer, your clients will be happy.

Find your worth to these people. Why would you hire you? This is the time when you should be soul searching and learning more about yourself.

#2 – Provide Consistent Value

Whether you have 3 connections on social media or 3 million, you always have to provide value. When you’re thinking of launching a freelance career online, social media is a great way to do this. It is a sounding board for everything you have done in the past and stuff which is coming up in the future, too.

Another great outlet to show off your ‘writing’ skills as we discussed above is the blog. Give away your content for free and share your extreme giftedness with everyone.

One of my favorite writers to read is Demian Farnworth, Chief Content Writer for CopyBlogger. He has such a way with writing content which speaks to me personally. This connection is what you want within your target clientele.

I also know a great guy, he’s super quiet, but he has carved out quite an expertise in WordPress plugin development, creating one of the most used social sharing plugins ever. He understood that value was important if he was going to make an impact on his industry.

People start noticing what you have to offer when you consistently provide value and blow them away with whatever your expertise is in the industry.

#3 – Find Your Client Base

Once you have began carving out this piece of freelance real estate for yourself, the next thing is finding a client for your business.

Marry your desired niche work and what you’re good at with where these people hang out. This is the best way to start.

What social platforms do they use? How do they get their work done? What can you do for them in which they can’t do themselves?

Social media is the perfect place for you to discover a new client for your freelance business. There are always great congregations all over the web in which you can participate in. One great place is the Buffer chat on Twitter.

Once you learn where they hang out, begin to understand their business and what you can do for them. This is going to help you learn how to approach them later when you market yourself.

#4 – Market Yourself

In a sense, in everything you’re doing above, you’re warming up the waters by properly marketing yourself. Create social pages and profiles making sure to fill out every available space about yourself and your business and how you can help.

Sometimes you may have to do work for free to get your foot in the door. Once the job is done and the client loves your work, ask for a testimonial or even another job they would like you to do.

In many cases the word ‘free’ in freelance is just that sometimes. People don’t know you, never had a chance to see how your expertise could help them, and they don’t understand your passion to help build their business. In my experience, when this happens, you can offer one project for free to begin building the relationship with the client.

I have never been dismissed when doing this particular favor for a new client after the first project. It has always developed into more paid work that has built my freelance career online.

Grow and Enjoy Your Freelance Career Online

While launching a freelance career online may not sound like something too difficult, it does take patience, consistency, and the thick skin to hear “NO” every now and then. Are you thinking of starting a new freelance career? What are some questions you have?



Wade Harman is a content writing wizard with an M.A. in Cognitive Psychology. He shares social media psychology and other marketing tips online related to cognitive trigger response. He loves to fish and read comic books for fun, to get the creative juices flowing.


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