As a freelancer, you are responsible for creating and maintaining your image and reputation and for promoting the products and services you offer. This can be quite a difficult task, especially if you are relatively new to freelancing. Consider these few personal branding tips, which are useful to all freelancers, but especially to newbies.

Exude Uniqueness. #findyourniche

When starting out, many have the tendency to just do what others are doing. Though it can be great and very helpful to have a role model, you also need to stand out from those who are in the same industry and offering the same products and services as you.

If you essentially “copy” an already established freelancer with a loyal client base, how much success will you have? Likely not nearly as much as that of an established freelancer. If you unknowingly “copy” a not-so-successful freelancer, how much success will you have? Have you even drawn out what success means to you and given yourself a deadline to reach it?

Instead of doing only what others are doing or only offering what they offer, why not offer something completely unique? Find your niche, sharpen it, and do what the others are not willing to do in order to establish it. Then others will want to copy you.

Be Real. #onlinetransparency

Make sure not just to “talk the talk, ” but also to “walk the walk.” In order for your reputation to remain intact, you want to be known for doing just what you promise. Have some proof that speaks for itself online. Whether it’s a third-party interview, a world record, or video evidence of you “walking the walk.”

You also want to be consistent in your interaction with others. The way that you present your brand should be the way that you present yourself in person as well. Think speech, conduct and dress as a few to start with.

In addition, don’t be afraid to infuse your personality into your work. As long as your presentation of self “agrees” with your brand, it is absolutely fine to be yourself. And, it makes it a lot easier.

Create Awareness. #socialmedia

One of the best things you can do to encourage a solid personal brand, is to create awareness. One of the best ways to do that is by means of social media, where countless numbers of people can be reached. By using several different social media platforms, you can gain maximum exposure and engage with the online community. Tweet me @handshakin if you agree.

By implementing the above 3 tips, new freelancers can get off to a great start and more experienced freelancers can refresh and strengthen their personal brands. If you’re too busy, check out our Services to help you become an expert in your industry as soon as possible.



Matt “Handshakin” Holmes is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and world record holder.  He is Founder of where he helps entrepreneurs leverage their personal brand to drive more leads.



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