Having trouble paying up your tuition fees? Need the cash for your school projects? You can start earning money today as a student freelancer.

Who says only graduates can start a career as a freelancer? As long as you have skills to offer, you have the time to spare and you are motivated to work, there are a lot of opportunities for earning. You can be a student freelancer and make the extra cash you need to get through school.

How to get started as a student freelancer

The very first thing that you should do is to think of a service that you can offer. Identify your strengths and find that particular set of skills that are valuable to potential clients. There is always something that someone needs to get done, so explore the different possibilities in relation with your own talents and abilities. Here are some set of skills that you might have and the possible services that you could offer as a student freelancer:

(1) You’re good at taking photos and videos.

Young people these days are so adept at taking photos and producing short videos for fun. They normally just post them on their social media accounts. Why not cash in on your talent for capturing special moments? With what you already have and maybe a few pieces of free software, you can actually take photos and produce videos for other people. There are a lot of opportunities out there if you have mastered these two skills.

First, if you know how to use a DSLR camera, you can actually become an events photographer and videographer. The demand is really high for people who can document weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. If you don’t like covering events and you would rather shoot in a studio, you can offer newborn photography or shoot photos of food and other products for ads and eCommerce catalogues.

(2) You love to draw, and you know how to use graphic design software.

If you have this artistic talent, you can monetize it easily as a student freelancer. You can create logos for budding businesses, or you can digitize your artwork and sell it online. If you are into calligraphy, which is really hot these days, you can design beautiful prints that can be framed. You can even design and sell calligraphy worksheets to those who would like to try their hand at it. If you love doodling, you can also design coloring book pages for a publishing company, or sell your work online. Another opportunity that you can explore is creating invitations for weddings and other special occasions. A great opportunity is creating photos for online product catalogs.

(3) You are crafty, and you like making things with your hands.

There are a lot of things that a crafty person can do to earn on the side. Depending on which craft you enjoy, you can always sell your products at bazaars or even online through platforms such as Etsy. You can sell beaded jewelry, polymer clay miniatures, and customized greeting cards. If you are crafty and you can bake, try your hand at customizing cakes and desserts for special occasions. If you want more stability but still retain flexibility, there are many positions that a student freelancer can take with different companies. You can design craft ideas or source crafts to sell, for starters. You night even want to apply your experience and try your hand at ad copy or listing descriptions for craft stores.

(4) You are witty and great at public speaking.

If you have a knack for entertaining people, you can be an event planner. Even online, you can spend your free time organizing different kinds of events like corporate shows. You can even try social media, where you will be able to use your talents to engage readers and earn money boosting company brands.

(5) You are great at organizing things, and you work well with people.

These are other skills that can help you to launch a career as an event planner. If you are detail-oriented and organized and you can handle different types of personalities, then you are cut out for this work. If you prefer an office atmosphere, you can use these skills as an administrative assistant or even a project manager.

(6) You are sporty and health conscious, and you spend long hours in the gym working out.

You could get paid doing what you love if you get certified as a Zumba, Yoga, or Pilates instructor. As long as you learn these methods and you want to master them, you can easily find additional set up to help you become a certified teacher.

(7) You enjoy writing, and you know how to design a website.

There’s a lot of opportunity for writers on the Internet. As a student freelancer, you can write articles for other people in your spare time. You can also start a blog while you are building up your portfolio. Having your own website where you can showcase your skills and provide information about your experiences is a wonderful way to advertise to potential clients. Later on, you can monetize your site so that you can earn money through online advertisements as well as freelance writing gigs. If you are good at designing websites too, you can use this powerful combination of skills to set up websites for businesses and other bloggers. Your personal blog will be a great testament to your skills, and you won’t have trouble finding clients even as a student freelancer.

Start Your Student Freelancer Career!

You can definitely succeed at freelancing if you can identify what you are good at and really stick to it. Just remember to always act professionally towards your clients and be consistent in delivering quality service to them. Do not overdo it, especially if you are juggling classes and your freelance work. Only take on work that you know you can accommodate and completely perform.

All the experience and positive feedback that you gather as a student freelancer will definitely help you once you start your career after graduation. Make sure you build a great reputation as early as now so you have that in your back pocket when you’re ready to take on the world.


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