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People ask me all the time “How are you able to do so much”?

I look at them square in the eyes and respond, “virtual assistants,” with a smile.

But before I tell that story, I should introduce myself, just in case you don’t know me.

My name’s Sam Kabert but people call me SwagSam. See, back in 2012, I attended an office supply industry trade show and my peers were all focused on selling – well, office supplies. My focus, however, was in promotional products (swag) sales. A lot of office supply companies dabble in swag sales, but not me. My entire focus was on swag. My peers at the time called me “SwagSam” because while they would be talking about office supply industry concerns, I would be talking about swag.

Thus, the SwagSam name was born.

It wasn’t until 2017, however, that I really set out to build a personal brand around “SwagSam”. 2017 was the year of content for me. While I had already doubled my business each year over the past few, I decided it was the time to dive into content marketing.

So now that you know me, here’s how I scaled up beyond what I imagined possible using VAs from FreeeUp:

The SwagSam Podcasts

swagworx SwagSam podcasts

WhatUp Silicon Valley, a podcast network consisting of 5 different podcasts, is my main baby. My role as Co-Founder of WhatUp is to manage the virtual assistants (VA’s) we’ve hired through FreeeUp, manage all 5 shows, and seek out community partners.

It’s no small task when you factor in that I do have a day job and that this is just a passion project.

Podcasts are great, they really are. But, we knew something was missing – the visual element. Video is intimidating, there’s no denying that. My original Co-Founder, Sergio Oliveri, and myself were determined to find a way to get into video despite neither of us owning any of the appropriate equipment, nor knowing anything about filming angles and post production editing.

With a little research and a lot of help from our VAs that we source from the FreeeUp Marketplace, we were successful in launching our new video series EatUp Silicon Valley!

The SwagSam Books

swagsam books Amazon

In addition to juggling my day job and the podcast network, I’ve published 2 books in the past year. I am also currently working on my third book! Writing a book is a huge accomplishment. I’m not about to toot my own horn on this, though.

I literally would not be able to have published a single book without the VAs I hired!

I have hired VAs from FreeeUp that help with everything from the copy edits and the cover design and inside page graphics all the way to actually publishing the books so that people can purchase them.


All in all, my vision for everything I do is to inspire and motivate others to do the things they never believed they could do. You can hear more about this philosophy of mine by tuning in to the Mojo Monday’s Podcast with SwagSam.

If you take one thing away from this quick read, it’s that you can achieve anything you set out to achieve by simply “letting go”.

I cover this topic in depth in my first book, “Working with Virtual Assistants”, but for now we will keep this brief. You will be able to accomplish so much more by simply focusing on the tasks that require your skills and expertise. In the worksheets from my book, you can learn new ways to discover tasks that you can outsource to VAs – from FreeeUp, of course! – to help you focus on what matters most.

My friends at FreeeUp have paved the way to my success in working with Virtual Assistants. I’ve tried for years to work with VAs from other hiring platforms, but I never experienced success with VAs until I signed up on FreeeUp.

Give it a shot, let go, and build something great!

You can connect with me more by visiting my personal website (built by VAs of course) or by emailing me – Sam@SwagWorx.com.

Swag On!