facebook shop

5 Simple Steps to Sell Products on a Facebook Shop

This is an article all about how to sell your products on a Facebook shop from one of our partners at FitSmallBusiness.com. In the article, you’ll learn how to set up your Facebook business page, review your selling options, compare ecommerce platform options, create products, link them to your shop, and market them for success. Enjoy the read!   Need a walk-through […]

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micro-target your online audience

Why and How to Micro-Target Online Audiences

Businesses thrive because of a certain prowess they attain through experience and fortitude. When you are an entrepreneur who is looking to build your brand through certain marketing techniques, there’s one thing you need to make it work. The right audience. This is what rattles most entrepreneurs and is one of the main reasons so […]

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Interview with Jay Lagarde- How eComEngine Helps Build Better Amazon Businesses

Interview with Jay Lagarde: How eComEngine Helps Build Better Amazon Businesses

We have had the privilege this week of speaking with eComEngine Founder and President Jay Lagarde to get his insights on the applications of certain technologies to Amazon eCommerce. Below is the summary of our conversation about his background and role at eComEngine, how their tech solutions provide valuable support to Amazon businesses, and what makes the company thrive. […]

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