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FreeeUp services over 2,000 companies stationed all over the world. From startups to small businesses to agencies to influencers to enterprises, the marketplace is connecting the top 1% of freelance talent with growing companies.

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Four clients volunteered to share their experiences with FreeeUp and why they've had such an amazing experience.

Ben Cummings, Founder of eCommerce Fast Track Coaching

Damien Coughlan, Founder of

Jim Bunch, Founder of The Ultimate Game of Life

Taylor Dinges, Business Owner


Clients love what the FreeeUp marketplace has allowed them to do with their businesses. Read how it has made such a huge impact!

I have a bricks and mortar business and also my Amazon Ecommerce business and have tried other outsourcing options with some of the established well known outlets with very limited success. My referral to FreeeUp from one of my Ecommerce mentors has changed my life so much that I am totally blown away with the changes and amount of stress and time I have now been able to free up due to the absolute skills and competence of my 2 new freelancers that I am now using. Both of my freelancers have skills that are suited for the work that I need to get done and are able to work unsupervised and are motivated, great attitudes, organied, and provide me with full reports and outcomes daily and weekly. I highly recommend this company and cannot thank Nathan and his team for the difference their help has made to my life and of course my online Ecommerce business.

Paul S. | eCommerce Business Owner

FreeUp has helped me set up my amazon accounts and made sure that all of my accounts were accurate. They also helped me with my amazon ads campaigns. They make sure the client is fully aware throughout the whole process and they are amazing to work with!

CSJ | eCommerce Business Owner

Good group of guys to work with, very reliable!

Brandon S. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Nathan has been great to work with.
I've been impressed with the quality of his staff.
They have been flexible and accommodating.
Every assistant I've worked with at Freeeup has been dedicated and reliable.

Scott M. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I have used Freeeup consultants for graphic design, content creation and virtual assistant work. I have worked with 5 different consultants in both the US and Philippines. All of the freelancers were professional, courteous and the work was of of the highest quality.
On top of that, Nathan is always prompt and very digital savvy. His digital skills are very important to help businesses scale in this digital world. I have already recommended Freeeup to six different people and will continue to do so.

Munish G. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Very happy with Freeeup. They helped us to hire an exec. assistant quite fast. However after working with that person I realised that he was not shaping up and was not suitable for our needs. Nathan immediately helped me to find a replacement and I am very happy with the new hire. Freeeup has been very responsive and client focused. I am surely going to use them on an ongoing basis for our business.

Rupam D. | Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeeUp is awesome! What a great idea to have a company screen and only hire the best in different fields. I've used several to help me get my products on Amazon, recreate my PowerPoint, new logo and updating my website. Saves me so much time instead of reviewing all of the different freelancers myself. Nate and his team are quick to respond and helpful when I need a project done right away.

Pam G. | CEO of Goodwin Commercial

The service FreeeUp provides is far better than industry standard. Extremely personalized support with very little of your own time invested. Within a day or two of contacting FreeeUp we were provided with an excellent, very professional, content writer within our budget. Nathan and the team at FreeeUp are extremely professional and truly understand eCommerce and company culture which allows them to find you the best possible fit for your company. I can't recommend them enough, they're even capable of providing a lot of staff very quickly for short term projects which is something no other company is capable of.

Aarvin I. | eCommerce Business Owner

FreeeUp is a fantastic service. I always find top quality freelancers through them. Nathan is an excellent leader and cares about his freelancers and clients. He always answers my questions and solves issues immediately. Highly recommended!

Seth H. | President - Hurd Dynamics LLC

I work with freeeup on several projects. They are always available, reliable and open minded.
You can be sure he will have your job done.
They always want the money upfront 🙂 but on the other side they have fair prices and they are professionals.

Loni F.| Satisfied FreeeUp Client

Hi all,
I would like to take this opportunity to offer my review on my latest FreeeUp experience.
I had 2 things done with them:
- Having my Amazon account reinstated.
- Having my entire Amazon listings deleted (which was over 60,000 items) - one by one because a bulk delete did not work.
Nathan took the time to personally care for the Amazon account, answered all my questions with patience and kindness.
We were able to open the account after 1 appeal only! and this is an account that was revoked 5 times! To me that is amazing!
After checking around, I think the price was fair as well.
Nathan gave me an employee and she was great. She understood how to get thing done after 5 minutes and got the job done very fast. This was indeed time saving and cheap. I will definitely use Nathan and his team in the future.

Assaf M. | eCommerce Business Owner

I have worked with Freeeup for 6 months now and they have been great. The system is smooth and easy and I have found the most amazing person to work with thanks to Nate who hooked us up with someone who has been nothing short of essential to us. If your looking to outsource work then I would 100% recommend this company.

Assaf M.| eCommerce Business Owner

Nate and the team provide a fast and easy to use service and can fill pretty much any need you have to keep your business running. With the help of Freeeup I was able to free my attention to focus on my business' growth strategy and not on minute details.

Filip G. | Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeeUp has been an excellent company to work with, providing a reliable service at a reasonable price.
Thank you FreeeUp!

Daniel P. | Happy FreeeUp Client

My name is Philippe Weissberg and I am a proud user of FreeeUp. When I first decided to attempt to outsource my life, I looked for companies online where I could find the most reliable freelancers. I shopped around talking to multiple hiring platforms, but it wasn't until I spoke with Nathan at FreeeUp that I thought I could make it work. I loved that they interviewed and found the most reliable freelancers for you so that you didn't have to spend the time doing it. FreeeUp has made it super easy for me to hire new freelancers. The freelancers and the company are reliable. And I don't even need to spend much time explaining who I need. They just get it and introduce me to the freelancer. I highly recommend FreeeUp to anyone interested in hiring remote freelancers!

Philippe W. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Freeeup is a valuable service. They provide an honest service at a fraction of the cost. Nathan and his team are excellent.

Amazing F. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I've been using many of the different services in this industry, but none came close to Freeeup. Instead of using 5 different people to finally find a decent freelancer, Freeeup did the interviewing and found the best match for me. They saved me weeks of research, which allowed me to launch my business earlier than scheduled. I plan to only use Freeeup from now on. Thanks!

Yossi L. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Freeeup found fantastic team members for our company. Freeeup has assisted us in growing our business by connecting us with incredibly talented people!

Trade S. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Freeeup is a very valuable tool for any online entreprenuer.
Nathan the owner hooked me up with some super talented people to help build my business.
If you are serious about growing your business make sure to look into these guys. They are vetted and experts in their own fields. (Much better than on fiverr)

Andy C. | Primal Elite LLC, Owner

I've been using the online freelancers from Freeeup to help me with my eCommerce business. I've been very impressed with the quality of work I have received.
Freeeup founder Nathan took the time to chat with me about my requirements and find the best freelancer for me.
My freelnacer Hannah set up some variations for me on Amazon and I was so happy with her work I'm also getting her to help out with my shopify page. She was very experienced and knowledgable about all aspects of Amazon and managed to do in one hour what would have taken me 4 or 5.
I highly recommend Freeeup.

Tristan S. | eCommerce Business Owner

The best hands on outsourcing resource I've come across. Nathan and his team do a great job of connecting you with the best, vetted talent they have available. The communication level is so high and professional. Will continue to recommend Freeeup to friends and colleagues.

Troy J. | Satisfied FreeeUp Client

We use FreeUp to run over 10 different aspects of our business.
Knowing all freelancers are vetted prior to being available to hire gives us peace of mind and saves a lot of time.
Nathan and his team work 24/7 and have an almost instant response when requesting work.

Uri L. | Happy FreeeUp Client

This is a great company, focuses on customer service and getting your business running effectively. Nathan and the crew are all devoted to helping and that's why I love it!

Wade H. | Satisfied FreeeUp Client

I did not have a good experience with Virtual Assistants until I found FreeeUp. Now I don't even need to think about it - I have work that needs to be done, and it gets done. Highly recommended!

Will M. | Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeeUp Makes it way easier to manage time productively for a great rate that couldn't be beat for the quality of work.

Devin M. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Nathan is super responsive. I never go 5 minutes without a personal response to any issues I have had. Top shelf virtual assistants make using this service a no brainer. Really happy since committing to use FreeeUp.

David L. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Excellent concept and service for online businesses. Happy New Year!

Dan V. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Amazing company with amazing people. My ROI with them is at least 10 times. I highly recommend them and there's nobody like them I have ever found.

Huey O. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Not only does FreeeUp provide great freelancers, FreeeUp itself is so unbelievably well organized that they literally cause you to want to better organize your business. And how will you do that? With FreeeUp freelancer, of course!

Andrew M. | Bright Side Markets, Owner

Freeeup is hands down, the best company for hiring remote freelancers I have ever worked with, and i have dealt with many. when i need a freelancer, instead of taking a week or more with other companies, placing ads, weeding through the results, conducting interviews, doing trials with the hires and all the rest that's involved...
I just let them know exactly what i need in plain english, and they usually have someone who can help me within minutes and they are always exactly what i need so far. some of my best employees have come from this company.

Shawn M. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I have got my hours back and focus on things which I like doing. Freeeup has been intrumental in my growth and as you know hiring is one of the key decisions for growth. Freeeup has always found me right resources with right skillset for my various needs from Amazon to Online Marketing. I am so happy to say that, I have switched all my resources from Upwork to Freeeup because of 2 things = Great Talent + Prompt Communication.
Nathan is personally very reachable and is amazing in his communication. His turnaround time for email response is 10-15 minutes which I seriously dont know how he can do that. Overall would recommend, please try Freeeup

Nilesh M. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Using FreeeUp's services has saved me so much time and money in outsourcing different tasks for my Amazon business. Before I would spend hours posting job listings, screening applications, interviewing and hiring for various tasks. Then sometimes the quality just wasn't as good as I had hoped and I started all over again.
FreeeUp has been so easy to use and the freelancers I've hired have been high quality professionals. Since I started using FreeeUp's services I've felt like I have a professional HR department who sends me quality candidates when I need them.

Liz A. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I have been using FreeeUp services for 5 months now, hired 8 workers and automate my drop shipping business.
FREEEUP has an amazing service and can find solution for any need or problem that you have with your online business.
The freelancers are well set up, chosen carefully and they can find freelancers to any task needed.
Nathan is amazing and will not rest until he gets you the right solution for your need.
I will keep using their services and freelancers and I am definitely recommend using their services and building a long working relationship.

Idan S. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Been using Freeeup for the past 4 months; 40+ hours a week, and it has taken my business to new levels. I can work on other projects while my team handles all the day to day activities which processes are built for.

Damien C. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I just finished a 7 week Amazon ungating project with Freeeup. It was an uphill battle with Amazon getting a little stingy with our category. But the Freeeup team kept plugging away and the second Amazon opened the gate back up, Freeeup skyped me and we were ungated within 3 hours. Very highly recommending Freeeup.

Mark M. | Happy FreeeUp Client

EXTREMELY happy with the work my FreeeUp Virtual assistants do my eCommerce consulting business. The work is done well and on time. My assistants take direction and correction well. I can't wait to see what else I can hand off to FreeeUp to do for me.

Kathy T. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Freeeup is doing exactly that - freeing up our time. Delighted to have found this company. The choice of freelancers is great, the fees are even greater and the quality of work and understanding is great.
We find working with freeeup not only frees up our time and gets our amazon and ebay listings done - the hassle of recruiting on fiverr or upwork etc and the hassle of trusting someone from those websites, the lack of understanding and communication we many times experienced using those websites - all that hassle is taken care of by freeeup.
The payment and time method is organised via a fantastic system where freelancer clocks in and you see the time they work to the minute and second.
We would recommend freeeup to all sellers out there who like us are expanding but need some timed freed up at very competitive rates.

Jake N. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Really happy with the work Feeeup has done for me, they quickly gathered a team and the project manager was great. I'll definitely hire them again as soon as possible.

Pierre G. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I consulted Free Up for my Amazon ecommerce business and I was quite impressed with how informed they were with the whole process. They did a wonderful job of ungating categories for me and I will definitely consult them again to help me with my business needs. Thanks guys!

Daniel A. | eCommerce Business Owner

Freeeup is an excellent source to find the help your e-commerce or brick and mortar business needs. Nathan is super knowledgeable and understands how businesses work. This is extremely important in matching the best professional to meet your businesses need.

Stefano F. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Freeeup has changed my business, in just 1 month costs are down and sales are way up. If you need to grow your business, look no further.

Paul H. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I would highly recommend FreeUp to any one that's looking for virtual freelancers.
The service and efficiency that has been shown to us is outstanding!

Sam L. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I really like Freeup. I think they have done an excellent job. I am very happy they provided such a highly skilled staff member to support me in my business. She is excellent and I am really satisfied. Now, because things are going sell well, I am going to hire a second contractor through Freeeup. I really recommend Freeeup. Please feel free to contact me should you want to know more. sincerely

Jennifer S. | Happy FreeeUp Client

ahhh i love FreeeUp. Nate and team have been a game changer in supplying my team with the BEST people to work with. This goes from everything from graphic design, web dev, writers, and assistants. I love how prompt, reliable, and helpful FreeeUp is.

Jon J. | Happy FreeeUp Client

We've been working with FreeUp to help manage our digital presence and brand. They have been a huge asset to understanding the Amazon landscape.

Tena C. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Awesome company - a lot of flexible and skilled freelancers, very versatile and fitting every entrepreneur's goal!

Ognyan S. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Wish they had found me sooner. They have truly optimized finding human capital so I can focus on scaling. As a consultant and client, I couldn't ask for a more symbiotic relationship.

Mike D. | Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeUp has been a great resource for me. I have worked with Nate on several projects and I'm very pleased. Nate make sure you get the right freelancer for your project.

Monica H Williams | Happy FreeeUp Client

fantastic experience; really helps the work flow

Osh R. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I've searched far and wide for solid virtual freelance options, and there are few options that come close to FreeeUp. Nate's outstanding read on people, screening abilities, responsiveness and client engagement have restored a great amount of confidence in me of having a company operate on the shoulders of a virtual team. As our needs change and/or grow, we'll continue to reach out to FreeeUp for staffing purposes. There may come a time in the future where I, as well as a couple others in my company, may reach out to FreeeUp for freelance opportunities!

H. Lee | Satisfied FreeeUp Client

Fantastic company! Nathan and his team really listen to what we need and provide a consistently high level of service, connecting us with professionals who know what they’re doing. The personal attention we receive is invaluable as we don’t have to spend time searching for people with the right skills for each project – FreeeUp does this for us so we can focus on getting stuff done! A real game-changer.

Laura P. | Online Business Owner

FreeeUp is an excellent service that has allowed me to find good, reliable freelancers quickly and help me to grow my business. Nathan and his team provide great resources and have been very easy to work with. I've now hired 3 freelancers from FreeeUp for a range of skill sets and each freelancer has been a great communicator and has provided great work. I highly recommend FreeeUp!

Stacy J. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I have been SUPER thankful for the quality of staff that I have been able to get through Freeeup! Affordable, fast and dependable. It doesn't get any better than that.

Rachel M. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I have found the perfect freelancers for my needs that helps me grow and the other hand i'm saving a lot vs hire locally, Wonderful job Nathan!

Mosh L. | Happy FreeeUp Client

10/10: get high quality VAs who do not need to be onboard immediately. Amazing service. Using FreeUP was and IS one the best decisions in my life. I cannot say enough good things!

Taylor D. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Freeeup is doing exactly that - freeing up our time. Delighted to have found this company. The choice of freelancers is great, the fees are even greater and the quality of work and understanding is great.
We find working with freeeup not only frees up our time and gets our amazon and ebay listings done - the hassle of recruiting on fiverr or upwork etc and the hassle of trusting someone from those websites, the lack of understanding and communication we many times experienced using those websites - all that hassle is taken care of by freeeup.
The payment and time method is organised via a fantastic system where freelancer clocks in and you see the time they work to the minute and second.
We would recommend freeeup to all sellers out there who like us are expanding but need some timed freed up at very competitive rates.

Rachel N. | Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeeUp is the first company I have used to outsource some of the tasks that have been taking too much of my valuable time and I could not be happier with the results. I only need to deal with one person (Nathan) and he will find me the skilled freelancer I need and if I am not satisfied he will find someone else. So far the work that has been done for me has been outstanding and always done in a timely manner. I plan to continue using them and focus on using my own time to grow my business

Miriam B. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I have been using Freeup for a few months to establish my company's Amazon store. They are responsible, incredibly easy to work with, truly take a lot off my plate and consistently deliver great results with clearly skilled employees. I'm thrilled by the results and will continue to use them going forward.

Emma W. | Online Business Owner

I have been very thankful for the quality of staff that I have been able to get through Freeeup! Affordable, fast and dependable. It doesn't get any better than that.
Nathan the owner is always here for you if you need him, doesnt matter what time of the day or night.

Yossi F. | Satisfied FreeeUp Client

If we tell the truth for a long time following FREEEUP We did not work with them because we thought it too expensive relative work to be done.
We worked with a lot of other freelancers cheaper and it's more expensive to us much more expensive and labor was worse each time was required to correct it.
Work continues for a long time my involvement with cheap labor was onboarding every day and every day do you check if done correctly or not.
You pay them to teach them at the expense of your business!
Bottom line cheap is expensive.
Since we started working with FREEEUP received are available around the clock, and organized a great team.
And most important professional work without all the confusion and waste of my valuable time. Sending the program of work and the same everything runs alone this team knows how to think with a big head.
I finished looking for freelancers out, just to look at FREEEUP.
Thank you and for all your staff
Very successful team!

Idan M. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I've been using a remote freelancer to list on eBay and my sales have increased every month! This was a life changing moment for me! I'll be a long time user.

Magnolia | Online Business Owner

FreeeUp is the best thing you can choose to make your business grow.
Friendly, reliable, fast and very knowledgeable people.
I highly recommend this for Amazon sellers
Very thankful I found them.

Jose C. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I've been incredibly impressed with the team over at FreeeUp. Not only do they operate in total transparency, they vet their freelancers and set them in communication techniques so their clients get the best possible service. They've made outsourcing easy. We keep finding more and more projects to turn over to them! It's fantastic!

Tonya R.| Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeeUp is the first company I've used to outsource tasks that were taking up WAY too much of my time. They provide pre-screened contractors for specific tasks in a very "hands off" way. If you need a VA, bookkeeper, SEO specialist, etc, you just request the services you need and they provide people to handle them. If you are able to work with the person(s) provided, great. If not, the company will find someone else for you. Instead of spending time interviewing potential applicants, I can focus on working ON my business rather than IN my business. It's like outsourcing your outsourcing.
I heard a quote on a business podcast recently. This person was reflecting on when he made a decision to hire his first employee. He didn't really have the money to pay someone else, but he sucked it up and did it anyway. He said "If you think you can't afford to hire someone, the truth is you can't afford NOT to hire". His business grew exponentially after that first hire. I've found this to be true over the last month I've used the service. The fees are very competitive, and the ROI far outweighs the money paid to the freelancers.
I've found that outsourcing has a few side benefits that I wasn't expecting. I didn't even KNOW I wasn't very good at some of the tasks I've outsourced. After seeing some of the work produced, it gives me a new perspective on how some tasks can be done more efficiently.
As entrepreneurs, we often feel like we need to do everything ourselves. Once I started to use FreeeUp freelancers, I came to realize how much of a mental burden some of these tasks were having on me. After I began outsourcing, I was able to really focus on the business tasks that really matter - the ones that help it grow.
I'd recommend trying the service, even for a week, and see the impact it has on your business. You won't be disappointed.

Gary I. | Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeeUp and help me free my time
Professional services from beginning to end
Thank you Nathan

Yuval B. | Satisfied FreeeUp Client

Great experience and highly suggest using this company.. Running a solo business can be tough and I can't be an expert in everything. With Freeeup, I get help from experts in different areas at a great price. The CEO, Nathan is very helpful, responsive and makes sure I get the right person for the job at the right price.

Theresa C. | Satisfied FreeeUp Client

I'm very satisfied with FREEEUP services. I use their VA's for around a year and with their help I take my business to the next level which I can't take without their help. Nathan - CEO of FREEEUP is great. He always hands on with helping you find VA's. They are available 7/24. I will continue to use their services definetely.

Ersin R. | Satisfied FreeeUp Client

Nathan has been an incredible help in sourcing freelancers for me. He is efficient, effective and goes the extra mile to find the right person for me. The time consuming tasks of finding, screening and testing freelancers are all taken care of by Nathan and his team and it has saved me hours and hours. Highly recommended.

David Y. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Love it. Very professional and reliable company and freelancer to work with.

Eda C. | Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeeUp is my go to place for all of my remote freelancers. Couldn't imagine using anyone else!

Ace | Satisfied FreeeUp Client

Fully recommend cooperation with Freeeup, they know what they are doing. Thank you for your help!

Cyprian I. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Nate is Great! Super responsive and always has the exact type freelancer I need to help grow my ecommerce consulting agency.

Rob | Happy FreeeUp Client

Best money every spend to get ungated. Had so much trouble getting Amazon to ungate me in a particular restricted category and was a month and a half into the battle when I got in touch with Nathan at Freeeup. He talked about a 15 min approval process and I didn't believe it, but after working with his team, I am a believer and will recommend him to anyone. My biggest headache was solved in one morning!

Chelsea C. | Satisfied FreeeUp Client

I've worked with several of the freelancers on Freeeup and am very impressed. I was never able to get consistent web development and analytics service by hiring on my own, and was always worried I was hiring someone I couldn't trust. Nathan and his team are customer oriented and have delivered freelancers that go above and beyond. Thanks guys!

Carey G. | Owner

Within 2 weeks of being recruited I had as much work as I could handle - a very nice change of pace from the days of scrambling to try and get work on eLance or Upwork!

Brittany S. | Happy FreeeUp Client

If you are looking for reliable partners here is your guys !

Hristo B. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Fabulous service, quick, easy and efficent team. Nathan and support staff are always on hand to assit with any query.
Highly recommend FreeUp particularly for Amazon Freelancers, such experts are hard to find. FreeUp do their work to find the best, saves a significant amount of time.

Clare B. | Online Business Owner

Teaming up with Freeeup has been one of the best business decisions I've made so far. Nathan, who I will talk about in a minute, spent years screening through hundreds of freelancers for his business only to realized this process was not only cumbersome, but also hit or miss. After all, entrepreneurs don't have the luxury of a robust HR department and multi-step screening process. That's where FreeeUp comes in. Nathan pooled together all the best freelancers he's worked with over the years, and continues to hire new ones based on a diligent screening process. The result is an agency full of high quality freelancers with a wide array of specialties. All I have to do is explain what I need done, and Nathan connects me with someone who fits the role.
My experience in particular has been great. Nathan set up a phone call, walked me through the concept, and continues to be engaged even after the on boarding process. He's always quick to respond, even at inconvenient hours (although you should be respectful of his time). He's an enthusiastic, energetic entrepreneur who is passionate about his business, and his passion radiates outward to his network of freelancers. I've worked closely with two of his them, JC and Earn, both of which have done fantastic work. He recently connected me with Naira who should be great from what I've heard.
Now, I am no longer spending hours trying to find a high quality freelancer, no longer rolling the dice on someone with a portfolio that may or may not be a honest representation of their work, and no longer getting bombarded on Skype from freelancers who can't take no for an answer. Instead, I can relax knowing I'm in good hands with FreeeUp, and judging by the overwhelmingly positive feedback, I imagine others feel the same.

Seth H. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I have had a great experience using FreeeUp. They are able to fill the gaps in our business while we are growing and don't need full time staff. The owner Nate is always available to discuss new requirements and needs. Look forward to using this service more as we expand.

Jay M. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Nate is Great! Super responsive and always has the exact type freelancer I need to help grow my ecommerce consulting agency.

Rob Z | Happy FreeeUp Client

Nathan and his team are second to none. Great work, performed very quickly and very fair prices. Highly recommended.

CJ R. | Satisfied FreeeUp Client

Nathan has put together a top notch team.
I have not seen the same dedication, quality, consistency and reliability with the other VA's I've worked with.
You owe it to yourself to try these services.
Every assistant Nathan has recommended so far has been a valuable addition.

Scott M | Happy FreeeUp Client

Great company. I've hired about 30 people on Freeeup in the past 60 days, and they are all killers. This site is way better than upwork and onlinejobs so don't waste time dinking around with other job platforms, just use Freeeup and save some time.

Charles C. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I've been working with the founder of Freeup Nathan himself on my ecommerce account (mainly Amazon) and he has been very helpful. He have helped me to avoid account suspension.
All I can say is he knows what he does. Not only that, he have helped me weekdays and night times as per my need. He is the best!!!

Mathias A. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Freeeup is an excellent source to find the help your e-commerce or brick and mortar business needs. Nathan is super knowledgeable and understands how businesses work. This is extremely important in matching the best professional to meet your businesses need.

Stefano F. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Love the atmosphere that comes with Freeeup and the great freelancers... I dont recommend too many freelance companies, but this way breaks the mold and i highly recommend them

Shani B. | Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeeUp has been a great help expanding our company by providing excellent services that handle the day to day, giving us more time to work on the big picture

Dan P. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I have found the perfect freelancers for my needs that helps me grow and the other hand i'm saving a lot vs hire locally, Wonderful job Nathan!

Moshe L. | Happy FreeeUp Client

With FreeeUp, I quickly found an amazing Shopify guy. He had a sleek store up with my products in no time. Freeeup has been great. Ask for Aleksandr if you need a great shopify store done fast.

Keith G. | Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeeUp has been extremely helpful in allowing me to automate the daily activities of my business, and giving me the time to focus on high leverage growth activities. All the freelancers I've dealt with are professional, well set up, and complete their tasks in a timely manner. What I love most about FreeeUp is that I don't need to spend the time to interview and set up a new person for each new position. Instead, I can deal with one point person (Nathan), who can direct me to a well set up freelancer who is pre-vetted and already an expert in their respective field. I highly recommend FreeeUp to anyone seeking to grow their business, and have the peace of mind that all responsibilities are in good hands.

Ian D. | Happy FreeeUp Client

FreeeUp is awesome! Yes, I'm finally working with a professional freelancer who's available every day. He has all the skills I needed and was very quick to learn what he didn't know.
So far I am 100% satisfied and plan on hiring more help from FreeeUp.

Nico J. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I worked with these guys on several projects, They are always available , Reliable and open minded and and profesional. They get the job done!

loni F. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I've been using FreeeUp for about 5 months now and have been very impressed with both the quality of the VAs but also the system whereby when a VA is needed, they are provided and generally are mostly up to speed with the type of project that they will be involved with.

Matthew B. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Awesome company - a lot of flexible and skilled freelancers, very versatile and fitting every entrepreneur's goal!

Ognyan S. | Happy FreeeUp Client

We've used Freeeup for several months now and for a few different projects. They have been very helpful in connecting us with the right experts. I'm quite happy with the company and plan on continuing.

Mark A. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Great Experience. They give you exactly what you want without the headaches and their customer service is above anything else out there

Maximiliano A. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Looking to build a team around you so you can focus on what you do best? This is the place! I can only do so much with my time and try to follow the 80/20 principal. If you are not building a team you are not dreaming big enough.

Sean N. | Happy FreeeUp Client

I love working with FreeeUp freelancers. Very professional, very polite (I still can't get over being called 'sir') and it saves me SO much time not needing to interview potential freelancers all the time.

Nico J. | Happy FreeeUp Client

Client Case Studies

We took time to speak with two clients to learn how FreeeUp has impacted their business. Download the case studies as a guideline for how the FreeeUp marketplace can help you grow your online team.

Glasshouse Consulting

Learn how FreeeUp helped Ashley Asue build out her specialized team after having frustrations with the leading online hiring platforms.

Idan Shelly

build freelance business

Read how FreeeUp helped Idan Shelly turn his eCommerce business into one that worked for him so he had more time for his family.