Read our CEO Nathan Hirsch’s comment and the words of 34 other eCommerce experts on starting a successful e-commerce business in the recent Foundr Magazine article:

“Everyday entrepreneurs and business owners are winning big with e-commerce—from a super successful side-business that sells t-shirts out of a garage, to a fast growth global brand like the 5th Watches.

For me, the first time “e-commerce” grabbed my attention was when our CEO Nathan Chan told me that one of our students, Deonna Monique, had done $1 million in sales sending followers from her Instagram account to her online store.

Yep, you read that right.

And in less than a year too. Heck, that doesn’t sound half bad … last time I checked most people were overworked and underpaid.

Since then, my greedy curiosity has become an obsession.

How were so many relative newcomers to business launching online stores that were generating anywhere from $100 a day in extra income, to over $600,000 a month?!

. . .

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