FreeeUp Credit Card Terms

(1) Billing periods are Wednesday through Tuesday Eastern Standard Time, U.S.A. Client will be charged every Thursday. Client authorizes Stripe, Bluesnap, Armatic Inc. and any other payment processor (“Payment Processor”) and FreeeUp LLC (“FreeeUp”) to charge Client’s credit card automatically for all current and future service orders placed and for payment of invoices for current and future services agreed to by Client and FreeeUp during the term of this Credit Card Term and Agreement (“Agreement”).

(2) Client understands and acknowledges that Client is solely and exclusively responsible for all transaction, credit card, chargeback or other fees, including late fees.

(3) Client’s credit card will be retained for ongoing recurring payments of weekly invoices for services provided by the FreeeUp Marketplace and Worker(s) hired through the marketplace. Credit cards are normally charged on Thursday.

(4) Client shall contact the FreeeUp Marketplace if there is a concern and/or dispute arising out of or relating to credit card charges and/or attempts to make payment on invoices and attempt to resolve any concern and/or dispute before seeking a chargeback, contacting its bank or taking any other action.

(5) Client agrees and warrants that it shall pay for all fees for services provided exclusively through its credits card(s) and never that of any third party for which Client may have a relationship with.

(6) Client agrees and understands that no prior notification will be provided by FreeeUp of an upcoming charge and FreeeUp has the right to charge for overdue invoices for services provided under the Client Agreement executed contemporaneously or in conjunction with this Agreement or other understanding between Client and FreeeUp at any time.

(7) Client agrees to keep their Credit Card Account Information up to date with FreeeUp at all times.

(8) At this time, FreeeUp uses Stripe and BlueSnap to store and process payments. At FreeeUp’s discretion it may choose in the future to switch payment processors from Stripe/ Bluesnap to another provider upon prior written notice. This does not change the terms of the Client Agreement or this Agreement. Client shall indemnify Payment Processsor on behalf of FreeeUp and FreeeUp, its parent, subsidiaries, predecessors, affiliates, members, directors, officers, insurers, employees and agents, for any claim, demand, loss, liability or expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees, penalties, fines or interest) resulting from any charge or debit to Client’s credit card.

(9) In the case of a credit card payment being declined or failing, Client understands that FreeeUp may at its discretion attempt to process the charge again in 24 hours. Client is also obligated to contact FreeeUp to get the outstanding balance paid within 48 hours and this can be done using a different payment method if needed.

(10) Backup credit cards/payment methods will be automatically charged if Client’s primary credit card is declined or fails after 24 hours and no other form of payment has been made by Client. Client authorizes the secondary payment method to be charged without advanced notice of the secondary payment method being charged. Client can contact to add or remove backup payment methods.

(11) The individual providing the payment information for Client represents and warrants they have full and unrestricted authority to enter into this Authorization Agreement, and to provide the payment information, on behalf of Client. In the event the individual, on behalf of Client, does not have full and unrestricted authority to enter into this Authorization Agreement, or provide the payment information, they agree they can be jointly and severally liable for any damages incurred by FreeeUp arising out, related to associated with this Authorization Agreement.

(12) Client understands this authorization shall remain in effect unless and until revoked in writing by an authorized representative of Client but is conditioned wholly upon Payment Processor and FreeeUp each receiving such notice and each having reasonable time, at least 15 days prior to the next billing date, to act upon such notice. Client understand that all payments must made in full, or another method of payment offered by FreeeUp must be authorized and agreed to by FreeeUp, prior to revocation of this Authorization Agreement.

(13) The terms and conditions of the Client Agreement are incorporated fully and absolutely herein.

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