The FreeeUp Referral Program

Start earning money on clients that you refer to FreeeUp

How Does It Work?

A client, worker, or FreeeUp advocate can now earn money on every client that signs up to FreeeUp!

Share on social media, email, and word of mouth. Get rewarded for your recommendations.

How Much Will I Earn?

If you refer someone to FreeeUp and they sign up as a client, you will receive $0.50 for every hour billed to that particular client for as long as they are with FreeeUp.

Example: You refer Tom Nash to FreeeUp and he signs up as a client. He hires 3 workers and in the first week and they work 25 total hours. You will earn 25 multiplied by $0.50 which equals $12.50. This continues week after week.

How Will I Get Paid?


For all referral earnings, the total amount will be subtracted from your weekly invoice. The referral earnings will show on your weekly invoice so that you can track how your referrals are making an impact on your charges.


The total amount of referral earnings will be added to your weekly paycheck. It will be added as a separate line item so that you can see the impact you are making on your weekly pay.

Outside Referrals

All outside referral participants will be set up in the FreeeUp timeclock. At the end of every 2 weeks, you will be sent your total referral earnings via PayPal.

How Are the Referrals Tracked?

All referrals will be tracked in the FreeeUp set up process. Each client will be required to enter if they were referred by a particular company or individual. That answer will be tracked to the FreeeUp timeclock for proper tracking.