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FreeeUp helps hundreds of freelancers around the world build their business and find new clients for their services. 40% of freelancers are in the US, 40% are in the Philippines, and the 20% remaining are scattered across 30+ other countries.

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Learn how these freelancers are finding new clients, growing their business, and hiring top talent through FreeeUp.

Anthony | Expert Digital Marketing Freelancer

Anthony uses the FreeeUp Marketplace to find new marketing clients for his freelance business. Anthony loves the marketplace because there is less competition, it's simple to apply to new projects, and he can grow by hiring other talented marketers.

Samantha | Remote Marketing Freelancer

Samantha is a remote freelancer originally from the US, but currently traveling abroad. With FreeeUp, Samantha has been able to build her own content agency that services clients all around the world.

Jules | Amazon Expert Freelancer

Jules joined the FreeeUp Marketplace looking for some part time Amazon consulting work. After only 1 year on the platform, Jules ended up turning full time and building out his own Amazon consulting agency.

Ian | Facebook Ads & Content Expert

Ian runs his own Facebook ads and content creation agency. FreeeUp connects Ian to businesses looking for his skill sets so he can help them grow their marketing and advertising campaigns.

FreeeUp Freelancer Meetup Manila 2018

FreeeUp hosted its first Freelancer MeetUp in Manila, Philippines in March 2018. The meetup brought together 100+ freelancers to share stories, discuss the future of FreeeUp, and meet in person.

Top Ratings Online

Freelancers rate FreeeUp 4.9 stars on Glassdoor.

FreeeUp has empowered me and made me grow professionally as no other marketplace has before. I don't have to look for clients or get worried about getting paid. With FreeeUp, I always have work with amazing clients and I am able to focus on working and billing hours while FreeeUp takes care of the rest. I highly recommend this company for both freelancers and companies.


Guilu A. | Mexico

Last year while freelancing in my extra time, FreeeUp reached out to me and asked me to join the team as an Amazon Specialist/Consultant. I maintain a nice size book of top notch clients who are all wonderful and professional. While consulting, I noticed one thing...that I needed to hire additional help for my own business to free up time and become more efficient and effective! I want to work on my business, not in it. So, I asked Nathan & a few others what was the best way to hire my first few workers. He gave me a clear and concise plan and I have not stopped hiring since.

Jules Denora-150x150

Jules D. | USA

FreeeUp has been a complete game-changer for me and my freelancing business. I joined the marketplace because I was drawn to the flexibility that it offered, but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the high caliber and quality of work available on the platform. I have worked with more enjoyable clients and enriching projects in a few months than I did in several years of freelancing on my own.


Cyrus R. | USA

Wish they had found me sooner. They have truly optimized finding human capital so I can focus on scaling. As a consultant and client, I couldn't ask for a more symbiotic relationship.


Mike D.| USA

As a freelancer, I get to receive the rate that I am asking for. Most of the time, I choose when to start working. Doesn't get any better than that right? The support team is an amazing group of talented and dedicated individuals. Freelancing has never been this awesome! Thank you FreeeUp!


Allan M. | Philippines

I have been with FreeeUp since it started. I worked as freelancer in other platforms for more than 7 years, but it is with FreeeUp that I feel the most secure financially. With FreeeUp, you not only acquire new knowledge and skills, but your opinion also matters.


Rowena G. | Philippines

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