Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

Browse the most frequently asked questions by clients to learn more about hiring through the FreeeUp platform.

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Getting Started

How does the FreeeUp Marketplace help business owners? is a marketplace where independent contractors can offer their services to clients. The FreeeUp marketplace vets freelancers for skill, attitude and communication before letting them in the network. FreeeUp provides clients with the freelancer and hourly rate, but the business relationship is ultimately between the client and freelancer. This includes the scope, work, estimates, hours and billing. FreeeUp then acts as a payment processor for all payments and assists with any disputes regarding billing.

Why should I use FreeeUp for hiring? What makes FreeeUp different?

There are many freelance marketplaces out there, but they are all very similar. You post a job, get 100 applicants, interview them one by one, and it takes forever. If you find someone you like, you invest time and money into them. If that person quits, you are right back where you started interviewing applicants. With FreeeUp, we do things differently. We save you time on the front end by pre-vetting all freelancers for skill, attitude and communication. You get fast access to these freelancers by submitting a freelancer request telling us what your perfect freelancer looks like. On the backend, we offer 24/7 support to help you get the most out of your hiring. Lastly freelancers on the marketplace rarely quit because they love it here! But if they do, we cover replacement costs and get you a new freelancer right away so that you are never left stranded. Saving you time on the front end and protecting you on the backend is what FreeeUp is all about.

Why are freelancers on the FreeeUp marketplace so reliable?

All freelancers on the FreeeUp marketplace have gone through a unique interview process to ensure they are experienced within their skill set, have a passionate and positive attitude about building their freelance business, and are prepared to communicate with clients at a high level. The marketplace gets over 100 applicants each week and is very strict on who gets through the interview process. Freelancers on the marketplace are experienced within their given skill set, have a positive attitude, and provide high level communication to all clients that they work with.

What happens if I'm not happy with a freelancer on the FreeeUp marketplace?

You are always encouraged to speak with freelancers about concerns before getting a new freelancer. A best practice is to directly contact your freelancer with the concern and it is likely that they will make changes so you can continue to work together. If the freelancer simply doesn't work out, contact the marketplace and you will be introduced to another freelancer in the network within hours. To contact FreeeUp, email or find FreeeUp on Skype ID: You will be able to meet with them to determine if they are a better fit. Keep in mind that all freelancers on the FreeeUp marketplace are expected to respond to your inquiries within 24 business hours.

FreeeUp's Services

I just created a FreeeUp account. Now what?

Once you've created a FreeeUp account, log in, and click the "Request a Freelancer" button at the top of your account. Fill out all of the details outlining the freelancer that you need for your business and click submit. Your request will be processed by the FreeeUp Marketplace team and you will be introduced to 1-3 options that meet all of the criteria that you outlined. Take 10-15 minutes to meet with as many freelancers as you want talking about the project that you have and how you'd like to work with the freelancer. Make your decision on who you want to hire and add them to your FreeeUp account. You will be billed on every Thursday for the hours billed from Wednesday through Tuesday of each week.

What happens if one of the freelancers quits?

Freelancers on the FreeeUp marketplace rarely quit, but it is real life and it could happen. If a freelancer quits, please contact or on Skype right away. In the special circumstance that they do, FreeeUp will get you replacement options quickly and FreeeUp will give you free hours for the new freelancer to cover replacement costs. Turnover is always going to be a hassle and there is nothing we can do to relieve all the hassle, but our goal is to get you a new freelancer as fast as possible and get you right back on track.

What types of businesses can use FreeeUp?

Any type of business from anywhere in the world can use the FreeeUp platform if you are looking to hire remote freelancers to your business. In year 1, FreeeUp mainly catered to sellers on the Amazon Marketplace. In year 2, FreeeUp expanded to work with companies within the eCommerce agency. Today, FreeeUp services over 4,000 businesses from Amazon sellers to digital marketing agencies to online influencers to real estate agents. The list of industries continues to grow every day as more and more business owners learn the power of the FreeeUp hiring platform.

Vetting and Testing

What do you mean by the top 1% of freelancers?

Freelancers on the FreeeUp Marketplace represent the top 1% of freelancers that applied to join the FreeeUp platform. All freelancers on the FreeeUp marketplace are put through a 4 step interview process to ensure they are the best fit for the network. First, freelancers submit a marketplace application providing their resume, Internet speed test, typing test, and short answer questions about their skill sets. Second, the marketplace interviews the freelancer testing them on skills specific questions to determine their level of expertise. Third, freelancers are interviewed by the marketplace for problem solving, communication, and work ethic. Finally, all freelancers study the Marketplace Communication Best Practices and show they understand the marketplace’s best practices for communication with clients. If the freelancer passes all levels of the interview process, they will be set up in the network. Learn more about the top 1% here:

Do the freelancers speak fluent English?

Yes. All of the freelancers in the network speak fluent English. English skills are one of the top priorities during the interview process. If there are any communication mishaps, the marketplace is always available to sort it out quickly. FreeeUp also has freelancers on the marketplace that speak many other languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese and many others!

Network of Freelancers

Where are freelancers on the FreeeUp marketplace from?

Freelancers on the FreeeUp marketplace are from all over the world. Around 40% are located in the US, 40% are located in the Philippines, and the remaining 20% are scattered over 40+ countries. The marketplace offers both US and international freelancers for all skill sets available through the FreeeUp platform. When submitting freelancer request, you have the option to define where you prefer freelancer to be from. It's completely up to you!

Can freelancers work on the projects based off of my preferences for hours?

Of course. When you request your freelancer, you can indicate the preference that you have for the hours being worked on the project. When you are introduced to a freelancer, you can speak with them about the ideal hours and they can agree if they are willing. All scheduling will be figured out directly between you and your freelancer.

Do I get to work with the same freelancers as my business continues to grow?

FreeeUp never takes a freelancer away from a client and you do not need to submit a freelancer request for every project if you have already hired a freelancer that you like. You can simply contact the freelancer that is already on your account and continue to assign work. Please note that if you stop using a freelancer or keep them on call, they may take on other clients and you will have to work out their availability with them. Worst case, you can submit a freelancer request for some additional freelancer options.

How do freelancers keep track of billing? How does your software work?

When you become a client on the FreeeUp Marketplace, you gain access to your FreeeUp account. Simply go to and click "Log In" at the top. Inside your FreeeUp account you can submit a freelancer request, view freelancers you hired, see rates/billing, check on your referral earnings, and much more.

Once you click "hire", a freelancer is added to your account. They can then start and stop time anytime they do work with you and are advised to submit notes on the hours that they've completed. As a client, you can easily view all hours billed by freelancers and make sure they are right before being invoiced. To see your freelancer's notes in your FreeeUp account, simply click on their hours total for any day and the notes will appear for your review.

Here is a video to show you all of the features you gain access to:

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed. You can always email

Do you have screen recording and monitoring?

While most clients have a stellar experience using their FreeeUp account to monitor their freelancers, it is missing a screenshot software that is offered through other hiring marketplaces. It is a project that is currently being researched with plans to implement it over the next year. For clients who highly value screen shot software, we highly recommend using TimeDoctor at a low monthly rate. You can view their plans here: You can ask freelancers on the marketplace directly to use this software and they can just send an adjustment to FreeeUp's timeclock afterwards.

Pricing and Billing

How do I pay the freelancers I hire through FreeeUp?

FreeeUp billing periods are always Wednesday through Tuesday. Wednesday is a good day for you to review everything inside your account before you are billed on Thursday. FreeeUp will charge the payment method on file for your client account every Thursday and send you an email with an invoice to the email provided on your client account . FreeeUp offers clients the ability to pay FreeeUp via ACH, credit card, or PayPal retainer (PayPal is only for international clients). If there are any issues with your payment method on file, you will be contacted by our Accounting team. Likewise, if you have any billing issues/ questions you can always email

How do you determine the rate of a freelancer? Where can I see the rates?

Freelancers set their own rates on the marketplace. Once you submit a freelancer request, you will be introduced to 1-3 applicants along with their hourly rate. That rate includes FreeeUp fees. Ballpark rates for all available skill sets are always available through the Freelancer Pricing page on the FreeeUp website. You can locate the page by clicking on the Pricing tab in the top header of the website menu. Or you can directly navigate to the page through this link: If you have any specific questions about the skills and their estimated rates, please contact

How do I know it is secure to provide my payment information to FreeeUp?

The FreeeUp Marketplace partners with payment processors to ensure that all client and freelancer payment information is secure. For ACH transactions, FreeeUp partners with PaySimple. For credit cards, FreeeUp partners with BlueSnap. And for clients using retainers, FreeeUp partners with PayPal.

How do I know freelancers are not sharing my information or stealing hours?

While you are accessing freelancers on the FreeeUp network at your own risk, billing and client information are taken very seriously at FreeeUp.
As part of their access to the FreeeUp Network, all freelancers have agreed in our terms of use to keep all materials disclosed or received from Clients confidential. In addition, the FreeeUp Marketplace agrees to never ask a freelancer for client information or material except for in the dispute resolution context.
While there is not a 100% guarantee that this can be prevented, it is extremely difficult for freelancers to get into the Network. The FreeeUp Marketplace receives hundreds of applicants each week and only takes the top 1% that have been vetted for access based on their skills, experience, and past client reviews. Each applicant is put through a screening process prior to being granted access which includes communication best practices. There is a sections within these best practices that directly address safeguarding Client information and recording and reporting hours billed for Services provided.
Similarly, clients are always encouraged to exercise diligent and good faith efforts to notify freelancers of any sensitive, confidential and/or proprietary information that is being produced or which access to is being permitted in advance of any such production or access.
Once they are in the FreeeUp Network, most absolutely love it and very much respect the Clients they work with. Just like Clients on the FreeeUp Marketplace, freelancers love the platform because they don't have to interview all day to get a new position. Freelancers face limitations on access and, in some instances, a ban from the Network for not following Marketplace terms of use. If you ever need to get in touch with FreeeUp, contact or on Skype at ID:

Is there a long term commitment?

There are no long term commitments of minimums with FreeeUp. You can pause, replace, or fire freelancer at any time and you are only responsible for the hours they have billed up to that point. There is no risk to meet freelancers and no obligation to hire them once you initially meet them. On top of that, there are no monthly or membership fees. It is in our best interest to get you freelancers you like working with and that help you grow your business.

FreeeUp Software

How do I submit a request for a new freelancer?

Submitting a freelancer request is simple and only takes a minute. Log into your FreeeUp account and click on the button titled "Request a Freelancer." Fill out the Freelancer Request form outlining the details of the freelancer that you are seeking and click the Submit button. Then sit back and relax while we go to work for you! Within 24 hours (usually faster) you will be introduced to 1-3 top applicants. Any questions? Contact or on Skype.

Do you have a referral program?

FreeeUp has an amazing referral program that rewards clients for recommending people they know to hire through the FreeeUp Marketplace. The marketplace pays you $0.50 for every hour billed to any client that you refer forever. Many clients receive free or highly discounted freelancers each week because of their referrals to the platform. Don’t worry...freelancers are still paid their full rate. The referral earnings comes out of the marketplace’s fees. To locate your unique affiliate URL, click on the Affiliate tab in your FreeeUp account and you will be presented with the link. Share the link to your friends and you’ll be paid for anyone that signs up and starts to bill hours. Your referral earnings will be subtracted from your weekly invoice and recorded so that you can see how much you are earning for your efforts.