Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

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Getting Started

Why should I use FreeeUp for hiring?

Business owners are constantly running out of hours in the day. Doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again is wasted time you could be spending expanding your company. The same logic applies if you are paying workers. They should be helping you grow your business instead of doing the same daily tasks. Providing you or your workers with a cheap hourly assistant can help you free up your time and grow your business. The alternatives to FreeeUp are plenty, but they don't offer the same hands-on and reliable solution that FreeeUp does. We are not a simply a job board like many of our competitors. We vet out the top 1% of applicants and make them available to our clients.

How is FreeeUp different from other online hiring platforms?

You don't have to post jobs, interview, and test applicants. At FreeeUp, we put hundreds of online freelancers through our unique 4 step interview process including testing for skills, attitude, communication, and experience. We only allow the top 1% into our network. As a client, you can submit a simple Worker Request form outlining the job you need filled and we'll introduce you to the best match in our network within 24 hours. Business owners come to FreeeUp to find reliable freelancers faster and not have to worry about turnover.

Why are workers on the FreeeUp marketplace so reliable?

All workers on the FreeeUp marketplace have gone through a rigorous interview and testing process. We have been hiring online workers for over 6 years and have learned how to avoid the most common pitfalls. The marketplace get over 100 applicants each week and are very strict on who gets through the interview process. In addition, we have a history of using a majority of the workers in our network through our previous ventures. We like to try workers ourselves as independent contractors before giving them to a client through the marketplace.

What happens if I'm not happy with a worker on the FreeeUp marketplace?

Let us know and we will help you solve the problem. We have a team that is available to our clients around the clock that can help solve any situations. We always encourage our clients to speak with their workers about their concerns before getting a new worker. Most of the time, workers will be happy to make adjustments for your expectations. If the worker simply doesn't work out, contact us and we will introduce you to another worker in our network within hours. You will be able to meet with them to determine if they are a better fit. Keep in mind that all workers on the FreeeUp marketplace are expected to respond to your inquiries within 24 business hours at the absolute latest.

FreeeUp's Services

How does FreeeUp help in the online hiring process?

Instead of having to post jobs and interview applicants prior to making a hire (like on other online hiring platforms), FreeeUp handles all of that for you. We recruit and interview hundreds of freelancers each week keeping only the top 1% in our network. When ready to make a hire, you simply fill out our Worker Request form indicating the type of worker you're seeking then we introduce you to 1 worker from our network that best fits your job. You can take 10-15 minutes to make sure they are the right fit then you can hire them, all through our platform. FreeeUp helps in the online hiring process by ensuring that your workers have the skills you need and are prepared to communicate with you at a high level. We speed up the hiring process and protect you from turnover on the back end.

What happens if one of the workers quits?

The great fact is that the workers on the FreeeUp marketplace rarely quit. In the special circumstance that they do, FreeeUp will find a replacement quickly and cover all re-training costs. Our goal is for you to not notice a difference between the workers so that you don't take any steps backwards because of turnover. We understand the frustration, hassle, and expense of turnover so we offer our no turnover guarantee by which we replace workers immediately in the case that they leave.

What types of businesses can use FreeeUp?

Any type of business can use the FreeeUp platform if you are looking to hire remote workers to your team. The FreeeUp network was originally built to support eCommerce business owners and online sellers, but has quickly expanded due to high demand from entrepreneurs within many different industries. FreeeUp currently services over 2,000 businesses from Amazon sellers to digital marketing agencies to online influencers. The list of industries continues to grow every day as more and more business owners learn the power of the FreeeUp hiring platform.

Screening and Testing

How are workers on the FreeeUp marketplace screened and tested to make sure they are top tier workers?

All workers on the FreeeUp marketplace are put through a 4 step interview and testing process to ensure they are the best fit for our network. First, workers submit a marketplace application providing their resume, Internet speed test, typing test, and short answer questions about their skill sets. Second, our internal HR team interviews the worker testing them on skills specific questions to determine their level of expertise. Third, workers are interviewed by our HR team for problem solving, communication, and work ethic. Finally, all workers are required to study our Marketplace Communication Guidelines and pass a test showing they understand how the marketplace expects them to work with clients. If the worker passes all levels of the interview process, they will be set up in the network.

Do the workers speak fluent English?

Yes. All of the workers in our network speak fluent English. English skills are one of the top priorities during the interview and testing process. If a worker cannot speak fluent English, they will not be accepted into the network. If there are any communication mishaps, we are always available to sort it out quickly. In addition, we also offer consulting on working with international workers as it is a science of its own.

How are workers matched to clients once they get into the network?

All workers on the FreeeUp marketplace are available on a first come, first serve basis. As Worker Requests are submitted by clients, the internal FreeeUp team searches within the network of workers to hand select the best possible match for the client's request. We look at the desired skill set, desired hourly rate, desired hours, among other factors to make sure that the match is as perfect as it can be. Once we've found the right worker for the job, we introduce them to you so you can make sure they are the best fit and make the hire.

Our Network of Workers

Where are workers on the FreeeUp marketplace from?

We offer workers from all over the world. Around 40% are located in the US, 40% are located in the Philippines, and the remaining 20% are scattered in other countries. Our US workers are affordable in comparison to US rates, but of course you can find a less expensive worker if you are looking at someone from the Philippines. We offer both US and international workers for all skill sets available through the FreeeUp platform. When submitting your worker request, you have the option to let us know where you prefer your worker to be from. It's completely up to you!

Can workers complete their shifts on my time zone?

There are workers for both flexible and set shift positions that can work in any time zone on the marketplace. Your worker can absolutely work on your time zone. Just make sure to communicate that expectation up front when filling out your Worker Request so that we can introduce you to a worker that is able to work those exact hours without any issues.

What kind of training and experience do workers on the marketplace have?

All workers on the marketplace must pass our 4 step interview and testing process in order to gain access to the FreeeUp network. During that process, we ensure that workers have significant experience within their skill set (usually 1+ years) to make sure that clients receive workers who require minimal training within the given skill set. With regards to training, all workers are required to study our 15+ pages of marketplace communication guidelines and pass a test before they are accepted into the network. Workers are trained to communicate at a high level and provide a positive experience for clients. For the most part, there will be a minimal amount of training required when hiring workers so they know how you specifically want the task to be completed. However, you would never be introduced to someone who does not have ample experience in the skill you are requesting.

Do I get the same worker week after week or does it change?

Yes. You will have the same worker all of the time as long as you have hired them on a set schedule basis. That worker will be yours to train and use for any tasks that you need. We will only replace the worker at the client's request. However, in a situation where you hire a worker for a 2 week project and then don't need them for another 2 weeks, we cannot guarantee that they won't have been given other clients in the meantime. We do our best to be fair to workers so that they can always maximize their time. All workers will be kept on your FreeeUp account so you can always reach out to them to ask about their availability.

How do workers keep track of their hours?

Similar to clients, workers have their own FreeeUp account where they are able to punch in and punch out of a time clock each time that they work for one of their clients. When a worker is hired by a client, the client is added to their FreeeUp account. Based off of the client's scheduled time for the worker, the work punches in and bills the hours that they work. As a client, you can click on the Workers tab in your FreeeUp account to view the hours that each worker has billed along with comments left by the workers. In addition, you can click on the hours to view notes left by the worker for their shift.

Pricing and Billing

How do I pay my workers through FreeeUp?

FreeeUp clients are billed every Thursday for work performed the previous Wednesday through Tuesday. FreeeUp will send an invoice to the email provided on your client account and then charge the payment method on file for your client account. FreeeUp offers clients the ability to pay for their workers via ACH, credit card, or PayPal retainer. If there are any issues with your payment method on file, you will be contacted by our Accounting team. Likewise, if you have any issues with your weekly invoice or would like to change your payment method on file, please contact

How do I find out the rates for the different skill sets?

Estimated rates for all of our available skill sets are always available through our Worker Skill Sets Infographic. You can locate the page by clicking on the Pricing tab in the top header of our website menu. Or you can directly navigate to the page through this link: As you will see on the Pricing page, there are different prices for US vs non-US workers. If you have any specific questions about the skills and their estimated rates, please contact us.

I heard there are minimum billable hours. Can you explain this?

Out of fairness to our workers, we enforce a minimum of 0.5 hours (30 minutes) to our clients when billing our workers. We support this policy as it takes time for our workers to start their computer, log in, and get set up with a client. This means that if your worker finishes their task in 15 minutes, you will still be billed for 30 minutes. we understand certain situations are unique and always work with our clients to make sure this does not become an issue. It's important to note that this policy only applies to set schedule shifts. It does not apply to flexible jobs.

How do I know it is secure to provide my payment information to FreeeUp?

FreeeUp partners with top reviewed and trusted payment processors to ensure that all client and worker payment information are secure. For ACH transactions, FreeeUp partners with PaySimple. For credit cards, FreeeUp partners with Stripe. And for clients using retainers, FreeeUp partners with PayPal. All transactions and billing is charged through the payment processors which protect all client information from being stolen or jeopardized.

Is there a long term commitment?

There are no long term commitments of minimums with FreeeUp. You can pause, replace, or fire your worker at any time and you are only responsible for the hours they have worked up to that point. There is no risk to meet workers and no obligation to hire them once you initially meet them. On top of that, there are no monthly or membership fees.

FreeeUp Software

How do I submit a request for a new worker?

Log into your FreeeUp account and click on the button titled "Request a Worker." Fill out the Worker Request form outlining the details of the worker that you are seeking and click the Submit button. The Worker Request will be communicated to the internal FreeeUp team who will find the best candidate in our network for your job. You will be introduced to the worker via email and your FreeeUp ticket within 24 business hours. You will then have the opportunity to meet with them for 10-15 minutes to make sure they are the right fit. Hiring them is as simple as clicking the Hire button on your FreeeUp ticket. If you wish to meet another worker, click the Request a New Worker button on your FreeeUp ticket, provide your feedback, and we will introduce you to someone new. If you ever have issues with requesting a worker, reach out to us on Skype or at Note that you don't have to submit a request for every job that you have. If you already have hired a worker, you can simply reach out to them to have them perform another job for you.

How do I track my worker's hours everyday and see how much I'm paying?

To track your workers' hours, log into your FreeeUp account and click on the "Workers" tab. Within this tab, you can easily view all the hours that each worker on your account has logged. To view how much you are spending each week, click on the Timecard tab to view all billing periods. Click on each billing period and the page will reload with information about your total spending and the hours billed from each worker.

Do you have a referral program?

FreeeUp has an amazing referral program that rewards clients for recommending their friends to hire with FreeeUp. We pay you $0.50 for every hour billed to any client that you refer forever. Many of our clients receive free or highly discounted workers each week because of their referrals to the platform. To locate your unique affiliate URL, click on the Affiliate tab in your FreeeUp account and you will be presented with the link. Share the link to your friends and we pay you for anyone that signs up and starts to bill hours. Your referral earnings will be subtracted from your weekly invoice and recorded so that you can see how much you are earning for your efforts.