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Hire a product sourcer to find new products for your eCommerce store.

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US Based Suppliers

Hire a product sourcer to research, find, and contact US based suppliers on behalf of your eCommerce business.

Specific Product Type Searches

Looking to get into a new product market? Have a product sourcer perform research for you into the suppliers that you’d need to work with.

Product Sourcing from China

Hire a product sourcer to help you source new products from China.

Source Drop Shipping Suppliers

Have a product sourcer research and contact drop shipping specific suppliers to work with your eCommerce business.

How It Works


Submit a Worker Request in your FreeeUp account explaining exactly what type of worker you need.


Get introduced to the best worker in the network. Hire the worker to link them to your account.


Monitor all hours and worker comments directly in your FreeeUp account.


Pay workers for their hours every week using ACH, credit card, or PayPal.

What Customers Are Saying

Ben Cummings, Founder of Ecommerce Fast Track Coaching

Damien Coughlan, eCommerce expert

"My name is Philippe Weissberg and I am a proud user of FreeeUp. When I first decided to attempt to outsource my life, I looked for companies online where I could find the most reliable workers. I shopped around talking to multiple hiring platforms, but it wasn't until I spoke with Nathan at FreeeUp that I thought I could make it work. I loved that they interviewed and found the most reliable workers for you so that you didn't have to spend the time doing it. FreeeUp has made it super easy for me to hire new workers. The workers and the company are reliable. And I don't even need to spend much time explaining who I need. They just get it and introduce me to the worker. I highly recommend FreeeUp to anyone interested in hiring remote workers!"

Philippe Weissberg , Owner

"FreeeUp is the first company I've used to outsource tasks that were taking up WAY too much of my time. They provide pre-screened contractors for specific tasks in a very "hands off" way. If you need a VA, bookkeeper, SEO specialist, etc, you just request the services you need and they provide people to handle them. If you are able to work with the person(s) provided, great. If not, the company will find someone else for you. Instead of spending time interviewing potential applicants, I can focus on working ON my business rather than IN my business. It's like outsourcing your outsourcing.
I heard a quote on a business podcast recently. This person was reflecting on when he made a decision to hire his first worker. He didn't really have the money to pay someone else, but he sucked it up and did it anyway. He said "If you think you can't afford to hire someone, the truth is you can't afford NOT to hire". His business grew exponentially after that first hire. I've found this to be true over the last month I've used the service. The fees are very competitive, and the ROI far outweighs the money paid to the workers.
I've found that outsourcing has a few side benefits that I wasn't expecting. I didn't even KNOW I wasn't very good at some of the tasks I've outsourced. After seeing some of the work produced, it gives me a new perspective on how some tasks can be done more efficiently.
As entrepreneurs, we often feel like we need to do everything ourselves. Once I started to use FreeeUp, I came to realize how much of a mental burden some of these tasks were having on me. After I began outsourcing, I was able to really focus on the business tasks that really matter - the ones that help it grow.
I'd recommend trying the service, even for a week, and see the impact it has on your business. You won't be disappointed."

Gary Inman, Owner

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