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Hire an Amazon expert to help you run your operations on any of Amazon’s international marketplaces.

List New Products

Add an Amazon mid level worker to your team to list new products on your Amazon store.

Manage Returns And Refunds

Hire an Amazon mid level specialist to manage the returns and refunds for your Amazon store to make sure you don’t exceed your required Amazon metrics.

Answer Customer Service Inquiries

Have an Amazon mid level worker handle all customer service inquiries through your Amazon seller account. They can handle both emails and phone.

Manage And Fulfill Orders

Hire an Amazon mid level worker to organize and fulfill all of your Amazon orders. Have them send tracking information to your customers as it is available.

Hire for any Amazon Marketplace

Amazon mid level workers are available to help you scale your Amazon efforts across all Amazon Marketplaces internationally.

Manage Inventory and Product Data

Hire a mid level Amazon worker who has experience handling Amazon bulk product and inventory uploads to manage your inventory.

Research Keywords & Improve Listings

Add a mid level Amazon worker to your team with experience researching and assigning keywords to increase product visibility in Amazon’s industry leading product search bar.

Optimize Seller Metrics

Hire a mid level Amazon worker with extensive knowledge and experience managing Amazon seller metrics to make sure that your account is in safe status at all times.

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Pay workers for their hours every week using ACH, credit card, or PayPal.

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Ben Cummings, Founder of Ecommerce Fast Track Coaching

Damien Coughlan, eCommerce expert

"I've been using many of the different services in this industry, but none came close to Freeeup. Instead of using 5 different people to finally find a decent worker, Freeeup did the interviewing and found the best match for me. They saved me weeks of research, which allowed me to launch my business earlier than scheduled. I plan to only use Freeeup from now on. Thanks!."

Yossi Lichy, Owner

"Great company. I've hired about 30 people on Freeeup in the past 60 days, and they are all killers. This site is way better than upwork and onlinejobs so don't waste time dinking around with other job platforms, just use Freeeup and save some time."

Charles Crawford, Owner

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