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List and Manage Products

Hire an eBay worker to list new products to your eBay store. Let them manage the product information making sure it is optimized at all times.

Manage Returns And Refunds

Add an eBay worker to your team to handle refunds and returns from your eBay customers. They’ll make sure that they follow eBay policies when handling the refunds and returns.

Manage And Fulfill Orders

Hire an eBay specialist to manage orders on your eBay store and fulfill them to your business model, whether that be drop shipping, self fulfillment, or third party fulfillment.

Handle Customer Service Inquiries

Find an eBay customer service specialist with experience handling customer service on the eBay platform. They can handle email and phone inquiries from your customers.

Manage eBay Customer Cases

Hire an eBay specialist to handle customer cases that are reported on behalf of your eBay account.

Keep Product Listings Updated

Add an eBay listing specialist to your team to update listings with new information, inventory, and images so they continue to rank well on eBay.

How It Works


Submit a Worker Request in your FreeeUp account explaining exactly what type of worker you need.


Get introduced to the best worker in the network. Hire the worker to link them to your account.


Monitor all hours and worker comments directly in your FreeeUp account.


Pay workers for their hours every week using ACH, credit card, or PayPal.

What Customers Are Saying

Ben Cummings, Founder of Ecommerce Fast Track Coaching

Damien Coughlan, eCommerce expert

"The service FreeeUp provides is far better than industry standard. Extremely personalized support with very little of your own time invested. Within a day or two of contacting FreeeUp we were provided with an excellent, very professional, content writer within our budget. Nathan and the team at FreeeUp are extremely professional and truly understand eCommerce and company culture which allows them to find you the best possible fit for your company. I can't recommend them enough, they're even capable of providing a lot of staff very quickly for short term projects which is something no other company is capable of."

Aarvin Inderjeet, Owner

"Nathan is a powerhouse, Last year while freelancing in my extra time, Freeeup reached out to me and asked me to join the team as an Amazon Specialist/Consultant. I maintain a nice size book of top notch clients who are all wonderful and professional. While consulting, I noticed one thing, it was that I needed to hire more employees for my own business to Freeeup time and become more efficient and effective! I want to work on my business not in it. So, I asked Nathan & a few others what was the best way to hire my first few employees, he gave me a clear and concise plan and have not stopped hiring since. Being a worker I know what a strict vetting process it takes to join the team and know everyone is prequalified. Freeeup makes hiring easy and everything is nice and neatly tracked and the team is always available to get support. I know with Freeeup I will always have the right tools and people needed to keep growing !"

Jules Denora, Owner

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