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Hire a Jet expert and start to sell on Jet without any issues in the startup process.

List Products to Sell on Jet

Hire a Jet freelancer to list your products on and watch as sales start to increase.

Manage Your Inventory on Jet

If you’re selling on multiple sites, you’ll need a eCommerce expert to manage your inventory on Jet.

Handle All Customer Inquiries

A Jet virtual assistant will handle all customer inquiries from Jet customers via email and phone.

Find New Products to Sell on Jet

Hire a Jet expert to research the marketplace and find new, high potential products to sell on your Jet account.

Anything Jet Related

Hire a Jet expert to handle any tasks that you want to take off your plate while selling on Jet.

How It Works


Submit a Worker Request in your FreeeUp account explaining exactly what type of worker you need.


Get introduced to the best worker in the network. Hire the worker to link them to your account.


Monitor all hours and worker comments directly in your FreeeUp account.


Pay workers for their hours every week using ACH, credit card, or PayPal.

What Customers Are Saying

Ben Cummings, Founder of Ecommerce Fast Track Coaching

Damien Coughlan, eCommerce expert

"The FreeeUp team provides a fast and easy to use service and can fill pretty much any need you have to keep your business running. With the help of FreeeUp, I was able to free my attention to focus on my business' growth strategy and not on minute details."

Filip Galetic, Owner

"FreeeUp is the best thing you can choose to make your business grow. Friendly, reliable, fast and very knowledgeable people. I highly recommend this for Amazon sellers. Very thankful I found them."

Jose Cervantez, Owner

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