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FreeeUp caters to thousands of businesses all over the world looking to save time and money in the hiring process.

Find top, pre-vetted freelance talent across 85+ different skill sets from the US and outside of the US from $5 to $75 per hour.

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1. Create a FreeeUp Account

Gain fast access to top talent. No sign up or monthly fees.

Create a free account to join the FreeeUp community and gain immediate access to hundreds of pre-vetted freelancers.

Creating an account is free, only take 5-10 minutes, and can be done by clicking the link below!

2. Request the Exact Freelancer You Need

Provide your budget and the project details then meet a freelancer within 1 business day.

Login to your FreeeUp account and click the Freelancer Request button.

Fill out all details about the freelancer you need then click Submit. This will be submitted to the FreeeUp internal team.

You'll be introduced to 1 freelancer within 1 business day that matches your requirements.

3. Hire the Best Freelancer

Interview for 15-20 minutes then hire a freelancer.

Set up a 15-20 minute interview with the freelancer you're introduced to. Ask questions to make sure they're the right fit.

Hire the freelancer to your FreeeUp account or provide feedback and you'll be introduced to another freelancer.

Once you've hired the freelancer, they will appear in your FreeeUp account.

4. Manage Freelancers Through Your FreeeUp Account

Set clear expectations about hours and get started.

Once hired, meet with the freelancer to set clear expectations on hours approved, estimated deadlines, and communication methods.

View all hours billed by freelancers directly in your FreeeUp account under the Dashboard section.

5. Pay Freelancers Every Week

Get billed every Thursday for freelancer hours.

FreeeUp billing periods run from Wednesday through Tuesday of each week.

Your payment will be automatically withdrawn every Thursday from the payment method on your FreeeUp account.

Review detailed invoices for each billing period in your FreeeUp account and via email each Thursday.

Thousands of Businesses Love FreeeUp

Ben Cummings, Founder of eCommerce Fast Track Coaching

Jim Bunch, Founder of The Ultimate Game of Life

"The best hands on outsourcing resource I've come across. Nathan and his team do a great job of connecting you with the best, vetted talent they have available. The communication level is so high and professional. Will continue to recommend FreeeUp to friends and colleagues."

Troy Johnston, Happy FreeeUp Client

"FreeeUp is a fantastic service. I always find top quality freelancers through them. Nathan is an excellent leader and cares about his freelancers and clients. He always answers my questions and solves issues immediately. Highly recommended!"

Seth Hurd, CEO of Hurd Dynamics

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