FreeeUp Saves You Time When Finding Clients

If you apply and get accepted into the FreeeUp marketplace, you'll gain access to thousands of clients looking to fill new projects every day. Instead of having to apply and interview for each project, you quickly get introduced, have a 10-15 minute chat, then get to work.

Apply to join the FreeeUp marketplace

Get started by filling out the Worker Application.

To get work on the FreeeUp marketplace, you must first apply and be accepted as a freelancer. The goal is to have the top 1% of all workers on the marketplace so standards are high for who gets accepted.

The initial marketplace application will require your resume, cover letter, a typing test, and an Internet speed test.

Take time to fill out your marketplace application to the best of your ability. Many applicants are eliminated because of a lack of completeness with their application.

Once you submit your application to join the marketplace, you will hear back from the marketplace within 3-5 business days if you have been accepted for an interview.

How do I know if I've been accepted for an interview?

After reviewing your application, the marketplace will send you an email outlining the the decision. You will either be asked to set up a time for an interview or be informed that you will not be moving forward with the interview process. Note that FreeeUp receives hundreds of applications every week. If you do not hear back, simply email

Can anyone apply to be a freelancer?

Yes, anyone is welcomed to apply to become a freelancer on the FreeeUp marketplace. However, there are high standards for the freelancers joining the network and typically only accept the top talent to provide to the network of clients. The marketplace is looking for high level experts and performers with at least over 1 year of experience within their given skill set.

Interview and get accepted into the network

Get vetted on skills, experience, attitude, and communication.

If chosen, you will be invited into the marketplace's 3 stage interview process.

Interview Part #1: Share your experiences, skill sets, and worker attitude.

Interview Part #2: Answer advanced questions about your skill sets and experiences.

Marketplace Communication Guidelines: Study the Marketplace Communication Guidelines and prove you understand the FreeeUp Marketplace policies and best practices.

If you pass all three stages of the interview process, you will be set up as a worker on the FreeeUp marketplace. As a worker, you will have the ability to offer your services to clients requesting specific projects through the marketplace.

What are the Marketplace Communication Guidelines?

The FreeeUp marketplace has its own communication guidelines that were developed from working with hundreds of online freelancers. All workers on the FreeeUp marketplace are required to study the guidelines and prove they understand how to treat clients. The guidelines cover, but are not limited to best practices on requesting time off, handling emergency situations, discussing pay, and providing updates.

Start working with growing online businesses

Bill hours, land new clients, communicate with business owners.

Once in the network, you will match with businesses searching for your skill sets, experience, and hourly rates. In your account, you will have a live feed of projects that clients are looking to fill. Indicate that you are available and the project could be yours.

Clock in and out between clients using your FreeeUp account. All hours are recorded for your review in real time.

Leave comments on your hours so clients can review what you completed during your shift.

Communicate with your clients via Skype, email, Viber, WhatsApp, phone, and text. Make sure to ask them which methods they prefer!

How do I get introduced to clients?

As clients submit requests for workers, you will view the projects live through your FreeeUp account. If you find a project that is a strong fit for your skill sets, you can apply for the job and you will be introduced to the client via email. They have 15 minutes to chat with you and then they will make the decision if they want to hire you. All projects are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Get paid every week for your work.

Weekly payments, PayPal, Payoneer, Invoice

You will be paid every week for the previous billing period through the payment method of your choice. Billing periods run from every Wednesday through Tuesday of each week.

Choose to be paid through PayPal, Payoneer, or send an invoice to the FreeeUp marketplace at the end of each week. You will decide on the payment method when you are first set up as a worker in the network and can easily change your method by emailing

Are there any fees associated with working on FreeeUp?

When you are accepted into the FreeeUp network, your working hourly rate will be discussed and set. The difference between your set rate and the client's rate is 15% with a $2.00 minimum. The FreeeUp marketplace does not cover conversion or transaction fees when paying workers in the network. However, FreeeUp does everything in its power to minimize transaction fees.

Listen to What Workers on the FreeeUp Marketplace Are Saying

Wade H. | US based Worker

Guilu A. | Non-US Worker

"FreeeUp has empowered me and made me grow professionally as no other company has before. I don't have to look for clients or get worried about getting paid. With FreeeUp, I always have work with amazing clients and I am able to focus on working and billing hours while FreeeUp takes care of the rest."

Guilu A.

"As a worker, I get to receive the rate that I am asking for. Most of the time, I choose when to start working. Doesn't get any better than that right? The support team is an amazing group of talented and dedicated individuals. Freelancing has never been this awesome! Thank you FreeeUp!"

Allan M.

"I've been with the FreeeUp marketplace for less than year and yet I have grown so much as a freelancer while still giving me more room for job opportunities where I can maximize my skills and, at the same time, learn new skills. I really appreciate how the system operates. I've never been to any other freelance network/company as interactive as FreeeUp. I have always recommended it to my friends who needed that same job opportunity I wanted a few months ago. I'm an advocate. :)"

Roxanne P.

"The FreeeUp marketplace is the best! Never thought I'd be working from home as a freelancer full time, but FreeeUp has been giving me consistent work and great clients. It's the best platform for freelance workers. Encouraging everyone to sign up!"

Ansis S.

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