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Check out FreeeUp's co-founders, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, featured throughout top eCommerce publications and podcasts. Learn from their advice on hiring remote workers and being entrepreneurs for the past 5 years together.

Private Label Podcast Episode 144: Outsourcing Like a BOSS with Nathan Hirsch of FreeeUp

Listen as Nate talks with Kevin from Private Label Podcast!

"A friend of mine told me about oDesk, which is Upwork now, and I became determined to build an oDesky army."


Entrepreneur On Fire Episode 1386: An easier solution to accelerating your growth through remote workers with Nathan Hirsch

[01:08] – Nathan shares his story
[02:38] – How FreeeUp makes money
[02:15]7 – Worst Entrepreneurial Moment
[04:38] – Diversify! — you never know what will happen
[06:00] – Entrepreneurial AH-HA Moment
[10:27] – NET PROFIT is what MATTERS
[10:53] – Biggest weakness? — Patience
[11:24] – Biggest strength? – Managing people and taking calculated risk
[11:51] – What has Nathan most fired up today? – FreeeUp.com

Startup Bros Seminar: Selecting Quality Virtual Assistants with Nathan Hirsch

Join Nathan as he talks about the best practices for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training remote workers for your eCommerce business.
The webinar runs almost 1 hour long and is packed with useful information.
You'll learn why remote workers may be right for your business.
How you should prepare your business to hire remote workers.
How to create an interview process for remote workers.
And much, much more!

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