The FreeeUp Influencer Program

FreeeUp exclusively invites top coaches, consultants, and influencers to be a part of its Influencer Program. The program add tremendous value to both communities through co-marketing strategies.

If you have a community of business owners that are seeking high quality, reliable people to join their team, partnering with FreeeUp is a no-brainer.

How It Works

Increased Referrals

Receive increased referral earnings for any clients you send to FreeeUp. Earn $0.75/hour billed to all clients you refer for as long as they're hiring on the network.

Ultimate Hiring Pack Access

Download and share all of FreeeUp's exclusive hiring guides, ebooks, templates, videos, and blog content with your community.

Webinar Opportunities

Set up a webinar with one of FreeeUp's founders to teach your community about the secrets of hiring and building an online team.

Free $25 Trial

Sign up and get $25 towards testing out a worker through the FreeeUp Marketplace. Make sure you love it before you refer your clients.

FreeeUp Referral Program

As a part of the Influencer Program, you'll earn a higher commission for clients that you refer to the network.

For Clients

Client Referrals

Introduce FreeeUp to new clients.

Earn $0.75 for every hour

That's right! Make $0.75 every time a client you refer bills 1 hour.


You had an amazing experience using FreeeUp for your hiring needs and you want to share the service with your community. You send an email out and post on social media using your FreeeUp affiliate link and they sign up as clients. Within the first month, your referrals bill 80 hours of work and you receive a total of $60 in referral earnings.

For Workers

Worker Referrals

Send new freelancers to FreeeUp.

Earn $0.25 to $0.50 for every hour

You get it! Earn $0.25 every time a worker you refer bills 1 hour. And earn $0.50 for every hour billed by expert freelancers that refer.


You have a network of freelancers who are looking for new sites to get more work. You share a review of FreeeUp to your community on your social media channels and a bunch of freelancers end up joining the network mentioning you as their referrer. They bill 100 hours over the first month collectively and you receive $25 of referral earnings!

Top Referrers

manny coats

Manny Coats|Helium 10 and AM/PM Podcast

jim cockrum 150x150

Jim Cockrum|Silent Sales Machine Radio

ben cummings 150x150

Ben Cummings|Ecommerce Fast Track

FreeeUp Hiring Content

Gain access to all of FreeeUp's unique hiring content to further educate your community on building their team.

10 Most Common Mistakes of Outsourcing 2.0

10 most common mistakes of outsourcing 350x450

100 Most Popular Jobs to Outsource to Online Workers

100 Most Popular Jobs to Outsource 350x450

A Beginner's Guide to Hiring Online Workers with FreeeUp

A Beginners Guide to Hire Online Workers 350x450

Client Expectations Template

freeeup client expectations 360x320

One Time Project Template

one time project doc 360x320

Crucial Freelancer Interview Questions

freelancer interview questions 360x320

Influencers Tapping Into the Power of FreeeUp

Listen to what other influencers are saying about their experience with the FreeeUp Marketplace.

Ben Cummings | Founder of eCommerce Fast Track Coaching

Jim Bunch | Founder of The Ultimate Game of Life

FreeeUp is hands down the best marketplace for hiring remote workers I have ever worked with, and I have dealt with many. When I need a worker, instead of taking a week or more with other marketplace, placing ads, weeding through the results, conducting interviews, doing trials with the hires and all the rest that's involved...I just submit a request for exactly what I need in plain English, and they usually have someone who can help me within minutes. And they are always exactly what I need so far. Some of my best workers have come from this marketplace.

Shawn Mayo | Founder of Shawn Mayo Masterminds

I did not have a good experience with Virtual Assistants until I found FreeeUp. Now I don't even need to think about it - I have work that needs to be done, and it gets done. Highly recommended!

Will Mitchell | Founder of Startup Bros

Companies Hiring with FreeeUp

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