The FreeeUp Influencer Program

Partner with FreeeUp to offer your community high level content on hiring, a reliable platform for finding top talent online, and a long term partner to exchange co-marketing activities with.

Partner closely with FreeeUp's founders, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, to create high value content and earn money on every hour billed to anyone you refer forever.

How the Influencer Program Works

Trial FreeeUp with a $100 Credit

Use $100 on us to test out the FreeeUp Marketplace before sharing it with your community.

Create Customized Content for your Audience with FreeeUp

Schedule blog article exchanges, newsletter promotion swaps, podcast interviews, and video content (Facebook Lives or Youtube videos) focused on hiring online, common hiring mistakes to avoid, and how to scale a business online with remote talent.

Receive Increased Referral Earnings

Earn $0.50+ for all hours billed to anyone you refer to FreeeUp forever. We'll make you a unique referral page where you can refer your community.

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Access FreeeUp's Library of Hiring Content

Gain access to all of FreeeUp's unique hiring content to scale an online business by hiring top talent online.

10 Most Common Mistakes of Outsourcing 2.0

10 most common mistakes of outsourcing 350x450

100 Most Popular Jobs to Outsource to Online Freelancers

100 Most Popular Jobs to Outsource 350x450

A Beginner's Guide to Hiring Online Freelancers with FreeeUp

A Beginners Guide to Hire Online Workers 350x450

In addition, create customized content specific to your audience with us.

Join a Community of Top Influencers

Meet other digital influencers that are rallying behind the FreeeUp Marketplace to help their audiences grow their digital businesses more efficiently.

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