We are proud to have our CFO Connor Gillivan featured in an Enida eCommerce All Stars podcast on nadimo.com with Branden Moskwa this past week!

“Connor is the CFO of Freeeup.com, has sold over $20 million worth of products online, is the Co-founder of three successful eCommerce companies and has had his writing featured on leading online publications, such as WebRetailer.com, Influencive.com, and The Huffington Post.

Connor Gillivan Quotes from the cast.

Build a team of people around you who excel where you don’t.

Be open to change as your building your company.

Make sure no one person is irreplaceable.

Always create clear expectations.

Do something you love.”

. . .

Click here to listen to the full podcast on nadimo.com.

Or get it on:

Google Play://goo.gl/yGslvl
Stitcher: //goo.gl/rxYzct

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